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Everyone signs up for their security system for the practical reasons like preventing home invasion, dispatching emergency response services with the push of a button, early detection of fires and floods, and catching Amazon delivery thieves on camera in order to later assist the police in identifying them. These are of course those life-and-home-saving functions that give you the peace-of-mind you need to fall asleep every night. (Yes, we’re including the Amazon deliveries in this category). But what’s not advertised are the everyday bonuses to having a Fluent Security System. Here are six of our favorites:

  1. This one is for fathers of teenage daughters. First, opt for a window sensor in her room. (And maybe one on her bedroom door just in case.) Next, make sure to use the Fluent App so you can arm and disarm your system remotely as needed. Next, assign her a unique PIN to arm/disarm the panel. Now she can’t leave the house without you knowing about it, ever. #lockupyourdaughterslevel100
  1. Your indoor camera will finally solve the mystery of what your pets do while you’re at work. It will also capture your spouse’s not-so-smooth dance moves when they think no one is watching. (We promise, they will forget the camera is there eventually. Wait for it…) Not to mention, it will solve any “it wasn’t me, it was my brother” disputes with your kids. No one is getting away with anything.
  1. Your outdoor camera will make it soooooo much easier to keep an eye on that neighbor across the street that you’re pretty sure is the new Heisenberg. Plus, no one is getting away with stealing your best casserole dish after your next backyard BBQ.
  1. Your doorbell camera will document exactly how out-of-touch your parents are every time they visit. Every. Time. Their faces will be so close to the lens that you’ll be able to count all the nostril hairs your dad isn’t shaving with that special trimmer you got him for Father’s Day.
  1. Your doorbell cam will also allow you to scare the ever-living-daylights out of any boy that tries to kiss your daughter on the doorstep when you come over the speaker. #donteventhinkaboutit #taketwostepsbackward #lockupyourdaughterslevel101

You can make the most out of your Z-Wave lighting and indoor camera this Halloween by using the Fluent App to turn the lights on and off and freak out your family. (We’re 100% sure that’s what really happened on Stranger Things when Will’s mom thought he was using the lights to talk to her.)[:]