Professionally installed business security camera system

A security camera system for businesses with live streaming video, smart clip capture, video alerts, continuous recording, full-line of HD cameras.

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Real-Time Video Monitoring of Your Business Operations

To say that our Interactive Security solutions act like a remote control for your camera system is understating what they allow you to do. They work more like a mission control center, accessible in the palm of your hand from virtually anywhere.



Remote Arm/Disarm Security

Control the core function of your security system. Allow employees or contractors into your location without being there.


Multiple Locations

You can’t physically be in two places at once, but you can be virtually, viewing cameras and system status at multiple locations on your phone.


Climate Control

Keep your employees and customers comfortable, ensure supplies or inventory are stored at the right temperature, and save money on energy with a smart thermostat.


Instant Security Alerts

If there’s an event at your business location – even if it’s just your manager arriving in the morning – you’ll know immediately with notifications on your mobile device.


Lighting Control

Forget to turn off the lights? Or do you want to make an empty office look occupied? Easily control your lights remotely with smart lighting.


Security Cameras for Businesses

View live video or stored clips from all your cameras, regardless of the number of cameras or business locations.

Fluent Home App for Business Owners

Stay secure the easy way

With motion-activated video, you can keep an eye on sensitive areas of your business like sales floors, safes, and private offices. If anyone comes by, your cameras will immediately start recording.


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Lock and Unlock your business's doors remotely

Instead of bothering with expensive key cards or sets of keys that can get lost, you can program individual codes for each of your employees. Now you’ll know exactly who’s in your workplace and when, and no one will ever get locked out again.


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How to Get Started With Our State-Of-The-Art Fluent Home Automation Technology

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Conveniently control your new system through our Fluent Smart Home App

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You get the freedom to choose the perfect system. Start with our most basic package and add as many bells and whistles as you want including cameras, door locks, video doorbells, and more. 
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