Receive free installation & activation with the purchase of a new smart home system!

Monday-Saturday 9:00AM – 9:00PM EST

Receive free installation & activation with the purchase of a new smart home system!

Monday-Saturday 9:00AM – 9:00PM EST


Come home to the perfect temperature with a Smart Home Thermostat

Schedule your smart thermostat system to automatically adjust to your households schedule. You can also adjust your home’s temperature on the go, saving you energy, and money.

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Smart Home Thermostat

Comfort and cost control – from virtually anywhere

Auto schedules

Schedule your automated thermostat setting to help save on energy costs when you’re not home.


Custom alert

Set up custom automated thermostat notifications to alert you if your home is too cold or too warm.


Remote control

Use Fluent Home’s mobile app to control your smart thermostat with your mobile device.

Smart enough to take orders remotely

Replacing your current thermostat with a new smart home thermostat gives you greater control of your home energy. Wherever you happen to be, you can remotely adjust, automate, schedule and monitor your home’s temperature with your smart device or computer.

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You’re in control – remotely



Set up schedules to automatically adjust your home’s temperature



Keep your pets comfortable when you’re away using your phone to adjust the temperature



Get alerts if your home’s temperature drops too low so you can prevent frozen pipes

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You get the freedom to choose the perfect system. Start with our most basic package and add as many bells and whistles as you want including cameras, door locks, video doorbells, and more. 
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How to Get Started With Our State-Of-The-Art Fluent Home Automation Technology

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2. Choose A Time For Installation

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3. Download The Fluent Home App

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Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Home Thermostat

Yes, you can replace your old thermostat with a smart home thermostat. Before you do so, though, it’s important to have a good understanding of your current HVAC system. This involves assessing whether you have enough terminal connections and whether you have low-voltage thermostats (which have more replacement options) vs. line-voltage thermostats.

Smart thermostats for home automation enable you to adjust the temperature based on your schedule, preferences, and weather conditions. You can control the settings remotely via a mobile app. This saves energy and money.

Yes, switching to a smart thermostat system is a worthwhile upgrade if you’re looking to save both energy and money when it comes to your home.

If your home has a C-wire, you can likely install your smart thermostat on your own. If you do not have a C-wire, it’s worth hiring an electrician for, as electrical wiring can get complicated and dangerous.

Yes, smart thermostats can help lower your electric bills. For instance, ENERGY STAR automated thermostats can help homeowners save an average of 8%–10% on heating and cooling costs

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