Smart Smoke Detector

Get Alerts When Smoke is Detected with Our Smart Smoke Detector.​

Our advanced smart home smoke detector sounds the alarm at the first sign of a fire while also alerting authorities and sending a notification to your smartphone, regardless of power outages.

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PeaHow the Fluent Smart Smoke Detector Works​

The Fluent smart home smoke detectors sound at the first signs of a fire. Our monitoring center receives a signal and we alert you and the fire department. We contact emergency services so that vital first response help is dispatched right away. Your security system doesn’t need to be armed for your monitored smoke detector to communicate with our monitoring center.

Wireless technology

Built-in wireless transmitter that communicates with Fluent Home Control Panel

Battery backup

Battery powered and wireless. Our smart Smoke Detector keeps working in power outages

24/7 monitoring

When smoke or excessive heat is detected, the smart fire alarm sounds while the built-in transmitter sends a signal to the Fluent monitoring station.

Greater range

Designed to provide smoke-detecting protection within a 35-foot radius of unit

System status

Sends messages to the control panel regarding tampering and battery condition

Don’t wait for smoke signals

Undetected fires can rip through a modern home in only a few minutes. Fluent Smart Home systems include Smart Smoke Detectors equipped with photoelectric sensors to sound the fire alarm when increased heat or smoke get detected, so you’ll know about fire danger even before you smell the smoke.

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24/7 Monitoring

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