Receive free installation & activation with the purchase of a new smart home system!

Monday-Saturday 9:00AM – 9:00PM EST

Receive free installation & activation with the purchase of a new smart home system!

Monday-Saturday 9:00AM – 9:00PM EST


Remotely control your smart door locks.

No more leaving a key under the mat or rushing home to meet the plumber. Fluent’s smart door locks for your home allow you to view and control your locks remotely.

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Smart Locks for Your Home

Make your smartphone your house key with smart door locks

Keyless entry

Forget your keys – you won’t get locked out again.


Mobile access

Lock and unlock your doors from virtually anywhere with the Fluent Home mobile app.


Live alerts

Get text or email alerts when your smart lock status changes.

Smart Door Locks that combine technology with convenience for great home security

Enter in your personal security code on this backlit 10-digit keypad and engage the motorized deadbolt with a touch of the dedicated lock button. Program and operate with four AA batteries.
Available Finish

Satin nickel

Polish brass

Venetian bronze

More convenience. Smarter security.

Smart door locks add a whole new level of security and convenience to a Fluent Home security system, allowing you to easily let people in – or keep them out – remotely.


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Leave your keys at home


Locks status

Check the status of your smart door locks remotely



Remotely arm your security system and turn on interior lights if you see someone approaching your door



Know who’s coming and going with alerts sent to your phone

Build your customized smart security system today!

You get the freedom to choose the perfect system. Start with our most basic package and add as many bells and whistles as you want including cameras, door locks, video doorbells, and more. 
Call to learn more about customization and let us help you design your own Smart Home System.

How to Get Started With Our State-Of-The-Art Fluent Home Automation Technology

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We will help you define a custom home automation system that fits your lifestyle.

2. Choose A Time For Installation

Our certified technicians will professionally install your new system

3. Download The Fluent Home App

Conveniently control your new system through our Fluent Smart Home App

Start building your smart home system today!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Locks

When properly installed, configured, and used, smart door locks are safe. However, like any technology, they come with potential security risks. This merits selecting a reputable manufacturer, following best practices, and regularly updating the lock’s firmware.

Quality smart home door locks add convenience and safety to your home. These components are further elevated when paired with a larger home security system.

Like most other technology, smart locks are susceptible to being hacked. This reinforces the need to ensure proper installation and regularly update your home security door lock system.

Smart locks for doors can deter burglars thanks to features like remote monitoring and audit trails. We encourage you to maximize security by complementing your smart lock with other security measures like smart lighting and surveillance cameras

While smart door locks for front doors are water-resistant, they are not waterproof. They can function on rainy days but would not hold up if submerged in water.
The lifespan of a smart lock or its batteries varies depending on factors including the quality of the lock, usage patterns, battery capacity, and environmental conditions. The average smart lock lasts 6 to 12 months on a single set of fresh batteries.

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