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We talk a lot about home automation here at Fluent Home. We love what technology can do for your home and we are always looking for newer, better and cooler ways to make your life safer and more efficient.

Even though home automation isn’t a new idea, it’s still new to a lot of people. We talked about what home automation is and how it can make your life better in one of our past blog posts.

Along with home automation and technology around the home, many people are talking about the “Internet of Things.” It may sound like science fiction or just gibberish but the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the biggest changes to technology we’ve seen in years and you’re probably already part of it.

What is the Internet of Things?

When talking about the IoT, it’s usually referring to devices, systems and objects being connected to the internet.

You mean like my computer and smartphone? Yes, but a lot more than that.

It means taking everyday objects like your refrigerator or microwave and enabling them to talk to each other and to the internet. It means linking together systems, apps, and objects in a way that creates massive amounts of data and wild new opportunities for technology and growth.

For example, if you have a “smart” refrigerator that is part of the IoT, then your fridge would be able to send you a text before you leave from work reminding you that you’re out of milk.

Or it could be your washer and dryer telling your air conditioning to turn off while they’re running to help conserve energy.

The possibilities are endless.

Why is it a big deal?

As technology become more interconnected it can communicate, analyze and improve data. This data can help you measure and track your life in whole new ways that will help you live more efficiently.

As more and more devices and objects become connected they will also become more automated. You won’t have to worry about starting your coffee machine for your morning brew because it will know right when you wake up.

You won’t have to worry about coming home to a dark and cold home because your house will talk to your car and know when to turn on the lights and heater to be ready to greet you.

It also means there are many new opportunities for small businesses to get involved. There will be new possibilities for apps, devices and integrations to be created. If you want to get a glimpse of how the internet of things is already starting to change business, visit Kickstarter and see all the crowdfunded projects that are made to build a smart home and grow the Internet of Things.

Is this for real?

It’s already happening! If you own a smartphone, a security system or a GPS tracker in your car, you’re already part of the internet of things.

There are already over 1.9 billion devices connected today and by 2018, experts estimate there will be over 9 BILLION.

This will help increase efficiency, decrease waste, create jobs, boost economies, and enhance security, homes and most importantly lives.

What about my privacy and security?

With more devices tracking our data than ever, many people have begun to worry about hackers, data breaches and more. While these can be legitimate worries and things have happened in the past, security is improving all over the world.

Cutting edge companies like Google and Apple are already working hard on new ways to encrypt your data and ensure that the information that is collected about your life in order to make it better stays in your hands.

At Fluent Home your security is our number one priority. That’s why we are extremely thorough and careful. With all of our data and security and we can guarantee that the equipment and services we provide are protected by the best digital security in the world.

The Internet of Things is building and growing everyday. It will help us communicate more efficiently, live more conveniently and securely. We are excited for the new advances in technology and we look forward to always bringing the best in technology to improve your life and home.[:]