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By 2019, a projected 38.2 million North American households are expected to have smart home systems. There’s no reason to wait, however, since today’s home automation technology is easy to use, affordable, and can allow you to control your entire home from one streamlined app or control panel. Here are four ways home automation can make your life more convenient:

Automated Lighting

Automated lighting can make your life safer and easier at the same time. You can schedule your lights to come on in the evening so you don’t have to come home from work or an evening outing to a dark house. If you (or a forgetful family member) forgets to turn off the lights, you can do so remotely to save on energy costs. Many smart lighting systems now come with ambient lighting that changes colors and shades to suit your mood, and can even be integrated with your music and speakers.

You can also program your system to turn lights on and off at random when you’re out of town to make your home look occupied, leaving it less vulnerable to break-ins. This is especially effective if combined with smart shades or shutters that you open and close remotely when away from home.

Smart Locks

Instead of giving away spare keys to babysitters, contractors, house cleaners, and dog walkers (and risking your home’s security in the process), smart locks let you lock and unlock your doors remotely whenever you want. This will also prevent inconvenient and expensive lock-outs and make it so that you don’t have to hide a key under a mat or in a fake rock on the front porch, aka the first places many burglars will look.

Wireless Cameras

Remote access security cameras offer several benefits. Your home will be more secure since you will be able to log in and check on things from anywhere using your smartphone or laptop. If someone attempts to break in, steals a package, or vandalizes your home, you will have video footage of the crime.

If you incorporate a doorbell camera, you can see who is at your door and decide whether or not to open the door or speak to them over an intercom. You can even check on your pets or children while you are away, or keep an eye on a new babysitter or other helper.

Smart HVAC Control

Perhaps the most convenient feature of smart home technology is automated heating and air conditioning. You can set your temperature controls on a pre-scheduled basis and change them whenever you feel like it, whether you’re home or away. Smart HVAC systems help avoid wasting energy or coming home to an uncomfortably cold or hot home.

Whether you decide to automate your entire home, or simply incorporate one or two smart home features, automation is a great way to make your home more functional and convenient. Most home automation services integrate a variety of features into one app or control panel, so you can control your home’s lighting, temperature, and more all at the same time.[:]