4 Tips for Living in a Small Space

[:en]Downsizing and moving into a smaller space has perks: your rent or mortgage may be cheaper, your energy costs may go down, and it can be nice to have less stuff to deal with. Tight living quarters do come with challenges, however. A small living space can quickly become claustrophobic and cluttered-feeling, and you may struggle to find space for everything. Here are four tips for making the most of your small living space, and keeping it organized and free of clutter:

Maximize the Light

Filling your home with light will make the rooms appear larger and make the small space feel less oppressive. Choose light-colored window shades or curtains and avoid heavy fabrics. Try to arrange your furniture so it doesn’t block any windows, allowing for as much natural light as possible. Opt for brighter light bulbs in your lamps, and consider adding LED overhead track lighting. A large wall mirror that reflects all that lovely light will make the effect more dramatic.

Choose Furniture Wisely

A small living space works best with low profile, minimalist furniture with clean lines, rather than anything bulky or heavy. In addition, it’s a good idea to find furniture that does double duty as extra storage. A coffee table that opens up to store DVDs and blankets, a couch with space for decorative storage baskets underneath, and a bed with pull-out drawers beneath the frame are a few good options.

Take Advantage of Behind-Door Space

You may have more space than you think you do, if you don’t overlook the space behind your doors. You can buy or make a hanging rack for your cutting boards that fits inside a kitchen cabinet door, add hooks to the back of doors for towels, bathrobes, and coats, and even hang a shoe rack on the back of a door.  

Add Ceiling or Corner Shelving

Another way to make the most of limited living space is to add floating shelves in the corners of your living room or bedroom, or add ceiling shelves at the top of your walls just beneath the molding. This provides space for books and decorative items without taking up any of your living area or adding clutter.

Living in a small space can be done in a way that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or organization. Have any other small living space tips for Fluent readers? Let us know below.[:]

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