5 Natural Ways to Deal with Germs at Home

[:en] Germs are something most of us don’t think about until we catch a bad cold or experience a nasty bout of food poisoning. When we have kids and pets in the mix, germs and bacteria can easily become even more of a problem. You don’t want your little ones to get sick, but they’re […]

9 Of The Best Back To School Safety Tips

[:en] The Summer is coming to a close and it’s finally back to school time! Many parents love to send their kids off to school again and have the house to themselves. It’s also the time of year when things start to cool off. With a new season, and a new school year starting its […]

Tech-Savvy Improvements for Your Outdoor Living Space

[:en] When investing in new gadgets for your home that make life easier and more fun, don’t forget about your patio or other outdoor living space. Adding a bit of technology to the mix will make your outdoor space even more inviting and help set the mood for backyard get-togethers. Here are some of our […]

5 Cool Updates For Your Home Security System

[:en] If you’ve had the same home security system for years without any upgrades, you may have no idea how many cool convenience and security-enhancing features are now available. Whether it’s time for an upgrade for your existing security system or a switch to a more updated system, here are five cool updates you have […]

4 Home Upgrades that Will Make Your Life More Convenient

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How to Go on a Technology Fast (And Even Get Your Kids on Board)

[:en] Have you ever heard of a technology fast? This is when you take a break from different forms of technology (usually including social media, television, video games, texting, etc.) for a set amount of time. If you include your whole family it can be a great way to bond and unplug for a little […]

Top Items Stolen During Break-Ins

[:en] With a home break-in occurring every 15 seconds, chances are you or someone you know will experience one at some point. While the best line of defense is a state-of-the-art monitored home security system, it’s also smart to know what exactly burglars are after, so that you can secure your assets. Keep in mind […]

Can Your Security System Be Hacked? The Truth May Surprise You

[:en] You may have worried about how secure your home and belongings are, but have you ever worried about the security of your actual alarm system? That’s right, your home security system itself might be vulnerable to criminal attacks – digital attacks. But is there anything you can do? Is Your Security System Hackable? Chances are, […]