[:en]Tech Savvy Improvements For Your Outdoor Living Space

When investing in new gadgets for your home that make life easier and more fun, don’t forget about your patio or other outdoor living space. Adding a bit of technology to the mix will make your outdoor space even more inviting and help set the mood for backyard get-togethers. Here are some of our favorite tech-savvy ideas for improving your outdoor living space:

Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor speakers have come a long way. Featuring crisp, impressive sound quality, outdoor speakers now also offer wireless bluetooth technology. Simply get the music going on your smartphone or tablet and enjoy your tunes outdoors while you barbecue, sunbathe, or host a gathering. Outdoor speakers are also designed to be weather-resistant and hardy enough to withstand the elements.

Hidden Movie Projectors

A backyard movie projector means you and your family can spend your summer nights watching your favorite movies under the stars. Hidden movie projectors are automated to slide in and out of a compartment in your patio, so they take up minimal space and stay tucked away when not in use.

Smart Patio Umbrella

A smart patio umbrella not only protects you from damaging UV rays, but also contains USB ports so you can charge your electronic devices while relaxing outside. They also minimize sun glare and help keep your devices from overheating, which means your back patio can be used as a home office when you have work to do but also feel like enjoying the sunshine.

LED Lighting

LED lights are versatile, last a long time, and use very little energy. Options include cafe-style string lights, spotlights placed throughout your yard and along pathways, and even ceiling lights if you have a pergola or gazebo.

With these tech-savvy improvements, your backyard oasis will soon have much more ambience and become the spot where your family and friends love to gather. For more tips and life hacks, be sure to subscribe to our blog.[:]