[:en]5 Cool Updates For Your Home Security System

If you’ve had the same home security system for years without any upgrades, you may have no idea how many cool convenience and security-enhancing features are now available. Whether it’s time for an upgrade for your existing security system or a switch to a more updated system, here are five cool updates you have to look forward to:

Home Security App

You shouldn’t have to be home to be able to access your home security system. Our mobile app allows you to control your security and home automation settings from anywhere with an easy-to-use iPhone or Android app. The app perfectly complements our full color, touch screen home panel.

Schedule Settings

Thanks to schedule settings, you won’t have to remember to set your alarm every time you leave the house. Instead, you can pre-schedule your alarm and change the schedule anytime. If you integrate our home automation technology into your system, you can also schedule your HVAC settings and lighting for ultimate convenience.

Remote Real-Time Video

Thanks to HD indoor and outdoor security cameras (as well as our new doorbell camera), you will always know what is happening at your home whenever you want to. If someone attempts to break into your home, steal a package, or commit vandalism you will know it and have video evidence. If you are home alone at night and someone knocks on your door, simply log into your video feed to see who it is. Remote real-time video will also ensure your home is as secure as possible when you go on vacation, your teens are home alone, and in a variety of other scenarios.  You can check your video on demand, or opt into alerts when there is activity at your home.

Automated Locks

With automated locks, you can seriously bump up your security and convenience at the same time. You will never need to deal with the risk and hassle of hiding a key for someone again, because you can simply give them remote access or unlock your door from wherever you happen to be. Your locks will recognize you (and any family members and friends you provide access to) when you get home so there will be no need to fumble for keys in the dark or when your arms are full of groceries. If you get to work and suddenly worry that you forgot to lock a door, you can simply check on your app and then lock it remotely if needed.

Smart Home Integration

Today’s home security systems incorporate smart home technology that goes above and beyond. Your security system can seamlessly integrate automation features like smart HVAC, lighting, and even flood and freeze detection.

As you can see, today’s security systems offer many amazing features that weren’t available even a few years ago, while still being incredibly easy to use. Contact us today to start putting together the customized Fluent Home security system that works best for your family.[:]