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Can Your Security System Be Hacked? The Truth May Surprise You

[:en]Can Your Security System Be Hacked

You may have worried about how secure your home and belongings are, but have you ever worried about the security of your actual alarm system?

That’s right, your home security system itself might be vulnerable to criminal attacks – digital attacks. But is there anything you can do?

Is Your Security System Hackable?

Chances are, you haven’t thought twice about whether your wireless home security system could be used against you to commit crime. But chances are, your home alarm system isn’t as burglar proof as you might think. Here’s why:

A couple of studies recently discovered that, “Many top-selling home alarm setups can be easily subverted to either suppress the alarms or create multiple false alarms that would render them unreliable.”

That’s a scary idea! These researchers claim that a burglar with some basic tools and good knowledge of technology could use the radio signals that run your wireless home security to either jam the signal and turn off the system, or intercept the signals and steal your passwords.

Burglars are becoming more and more advanced, but has our security technology kept up?

Not only are the systems we use to bring us security being found unreliable, but there are also stories about the keys we use to enter our homes no longer being secure.

Are Your Keys Safe?

A reporter from Wired Magazine recently used a mobile app to break into his friend’s apartment. It was all part of an experiment of course, but it was scary how easily he could get it. All he needed was a few seconds of alone time with his friend’s keys.

The reporter used an app that scans keys and uploads the data to the cloud. It then lets you print a copy of the key using any nearby 3D printer. The app is meant to be used for backup and to help users, but it could easily be used by criminals who take advantage of keys left alone for too long.

What’s the Solution?

So why are we talking about these scary threats to security when we are in the business of securing lives and homes? Because we’re already on top of it.

To begin with, it’s important to remember that there is no substitute for common sense and being careful when it comes to security. Stay smart and you’ll stay safe.

Being able to use technology to enhance your security and your convenience is one of the many advantages of modern-day living but with that technology comes new risks, like the ones we’ve mentioned above. Because we deal with technology every day, we’ve been able to see issues like these coming and have already put measures in place to prevent them.

The Fluent Home security system and control panel has been equipped with sensors and failsafes that regularly check the radio frequency they use to communicate. If a burglar ever tried to disrupt or “jam” the radio frequency, the panel would notice it and immediately trigger the alarm.

Another layer of security was added to prevent clever hackers from trying to steal your data out of the air. Our modern security panels not only send the necessary signals on a high level of encryption, but they also send thousands of signals, each with their own password and individual data. Making it virtually impossible for a burglar to use technology to access your codes and your home.

Keeping your keys safe and nearby you is extremely important but as home automation technology becomes more advanced we see customers using their house keys less and less. With an automatic door lock you can open your door from any smart device (using your security code). This eliminates the need for keys altogether!

Fluent Home Has Your Back

It’s important to stay current on the latest security and digital trends going on around us but at Fluent Home it is our passion and mission to keep all of our customer safe while offering a more convenient lifestyle. We stay ahead of security and technology trends to make sure you’re always safe, no matter what the researchers come up with.

You can rest well tonight knowing that your Fluent Home system has your family and home covered. We’ve learned the tricks used by burglars and can assure you that your system is equipped to handle any threat that comes your way.[:]

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