[:en]Top Items Stolen During A Break-In

With a home break-in occurring every 15 seconds, chances are you or someone you know will experience one at some point. While the best line of defense is a state-of-the-art monitored home security system, it’s also smart to know what exactly burglars are after, so that you can secure your assets.

Keep in mind that most burglaries last less than ten minutes, and most burglars head straight to the master bedroom when seeking valuables. The goal of most burglars is to find cash and things they can quickly turn into cash. Here are the top 8 items burglars look for when breaking into homes:

Prescription Medication

Several containers of over the counter and prescription medications on the shelves of a 1960's medicine cabinet.

Whether to keep for personal use or sell on the street, prescription medication (especially painkillers, but also ADHD and anti-anxiety medication) are routinely stolen during break-ins.


womans open dresser drawer with gun

Guns can be sold on the black market or used in future crimes, making them popular with burglars.


Old wallet

Wallets and purses are often a source of quick cash and credit cards. Some thieves will even use the information they find in your wallet to steal your identity.

Electronic Devices

laptop on desk

While criminals working in a team with a vehicle may steal big screen TVs, the most common electronic devices stolen during break-ins are those that are small and portable and can be quickly sold at pawn shops for cash. These include laptops, video game consoles, and smartphones.


variety of tools on wood planks with copy space

Most thieves know that tools can be very valuable. When securing your home against break-ins, don’t overlook your garage and tool shed. High quality locks, motion-sensing lights, and security cameras are all great ideas.



Clothing, shoes, and purses are also popular with thieves, especially designer and new items.


Wooden box with jewelry

Fine jewelry is a classic burglary item for a reason: it’s small and portable, and can be quickly turned around for cash at a pawn shop.



Leaving cash around where it can easily be found is never wise. Thieves know to look in dresser drawers, under mattresses, and even inside freezers.

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