We’ve recently introduced our Fluent Guarantee which consists of four commitments that ensure you get the best service and products.

Our first guarantee is a commitment to providing you with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, as well as extraordinary service, products and staff.

Well this month we’re able to bring you the results of the promise. We are excited to announce that Fluent now carries the 2Gig GC3 Control Panel!

At first that might not sound like anything fancy but this is by far the fastest, sleakest, easiest to use and best looking panel we’ve ever used and you’ll probably ever come across.

Some of the awesome features included are:

  • 7 inch Touchscreen
  • 5-Day Weather Forecast
  • Over-the-air Updates
  • 3G Rogers (or AT&T) Network
  • 232 Available Automation Device Slots
  • And More

This panel has so much to offer. We have partnered with one of the most well known manufactures of security equipment in the industry to bring you the best products. Here’s what they have to say about the panel:

“The GC3 is the most capable and robust security & home control system that 2GIG® has ever made. With a 7” color, capacitive touch screen and a full upgrade to the user interface, homeowners will love how much faster and easier it is to use, and dealers will appreciate how much time they’ll save during installation. User interface improvements include single-screen zone programming, elimination of unnecessary or redundant steps, One-Touch Arming, and easy-to-see Status. These features, along with many others, make the GC3 customer experience the easiest, most intuitive of any security and control system in the industry. Period. “

This panel will help any homeowner feel more secure but also take full advantage of their system by integrating easy-to-use automation features and equipment.

To learn more about the GC3 and getting upgraded security equipment in your home call 855.238-4826.