[:en]Fluent Home Cold Weather Facts

We’re already halfway through November and cold weather is here to stay. Most of us are probably used to the cold and look forward to it but there are some things that might surprise you about low temperatures.

We’ve put together some of the most interesting and surprising facts about cold weather so you can be prepared and entertained!

The Absolute Cold

It may sound like science fiction but there is a scientific measurement for the coldest it can ever be. 0 degrees on the kelvin scale (-273.15 C) is the coldest matter can ever get. At that point it’s so cold even your atoms fall apart!

The Coldest On Earth

Last year, on December 10th the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth took place. On a high ridge in Antarctica the temperature reached -92 C!

Warming Up the Car

It’s a common practice to let your car run for several minutes before actually driving it. While this might help you feel warmer when you get inside, it doesn’t benefit your car. Almost all engines are just fine being driven right from ignition, no matter what the temperature.

Getting Sick

Another common misconception is that being out in the cold will make you sick. This is a popular wives tale but is untrue. Getting a “cold” is a virus or bacteria that makes you sick, not the weather.

Big Snowflakes

The biggest snowflakes ever found fell in 1887 in Montana. The snowflakes measured 38cm across and 20cm thick! Watch out for these falling crystals!

Use Your Refrigerator

This one may just be a tall tale but supposedly Inuits still use refrigerators so they can keep their food from freezing.

Stay Healthy

Whether you’ve lived in the cold your whole life or just getting used to it, there are a few precautions you should take when going out into cold temperatures. Check out this blog post on staying healthy during the winter months.[:]