Fluent Home Halloween Security Advice

Halloween is upon us and while it can be a fun and exciting holiday it’s important to remember how to stay safe while enjoying the fun. We’ve put together some helpful safety tips for kids and families to keep in mind before you venture out to trick or treat.

Costume Tips:

1) When picking a costume remember that October nights get dark and cold. Try to find ways to use bright colors in your costume. If this isn’t possible with your costume theme, consider using some reflective tape on the outfit. Also remember to stay well insulated, use long-sleeves or make it usable with a jacket or coat to stay warm.

2) If you’re going to use a prop with your costume make sure that it isn’t sharp or dangerous. Swords, knives, guns, or staffs should all be soft with round edges.

3) Before going all in with the makeup, test it in a small area to make sure it’s the color and texture you want.

Trick or Treat Tips:

1) Never let your kids go trick or treating alone. Even if you trust your neighborhood, it pays to be safe.

2) Take a flashlight with you to help everyone see and be able to find you.

3) Always walk, don’t run and look both ways before crossing the street.

4) Make sure to check candy before eating it. Look for name brand and packaged candies, be careful of the rest.

House Tips:

1) Make sure your house is well-lit and easy to find. Having a dark house might be good for spooky, but it’s not so great for safety.

2) Be careful how you use candles. Whether it’s inside or outside of the house be aware of fire danger. Make sure your Fire Alarm system is activated and working properly. Check out Fluent’s fire sensors that not only detect smoke but heat as well.

3) If you’re going somewhere for Halloween make sure you lock up the house and activate your alarm system. Halloween is notorious for mischief and vandalism. If you’re on the run between tricks and treats don’t stress forgetting to set the alarm. Fluent’s mobile app allows you to activate and monitor your alarm system right from your phone.[:]