[:en]The smart home automation market is projected to reach 1.7 billion dollars in worldwide sales within the next few years, a clear indication that people around the world are noticing just how beneficial it can be. The added peace of mind, convenience, and efficiency that equipping your home with modern technology and connecting it immediately to your smart device brings is well worth the cost. But as with anything digital, there are always some concerns. The vast majority of all users of our systems will be safe at all times, but anytime someone makes a mistake, there’s a chance you could be hacked.

Here are 4 tips for staying safe from hacking.

Keep the doorway secure: choose the router wisely

In a recent example of hacking, cyber attackers targeted wireless routers that still had default passwords blocking access to the network. Always change the password to something that’s impossible to crack. Also, be sure that you’re using a router from a company with a strong security track record. Updating the firmware at all times is key.

Always keep all of your devices updated

Most people see updates as annoying and time consuming, but they are vital parts of home security. No technology is perfect, and the more testing that is done, the better companies become at noticing vulnerabilities. Technology increases at such a rapid rate, which means what’s current one day could be outdated quickly. Installing updates will keep you at a state-of-the-art level of security, and keep you one step ahead of attackers.

Use a trusted company

It goes without saying that you need to use a trusted company. A company with a long track record will take the safety of their products seriously, and realize that consumer’s well-being depends on safe and secure technology. There are plenty of companies just looking to take advantage of the market and put out a product that only passes the standard eye test. Make sure to use a company you can trust.

Don’t leave devices out

Again, another simple tip, but one that gets lost on a lot of people. Leaving devices out, whether in public or around untrusted people in the home, is not safe. Many attackers can gain access to your phone simply by watching you put in your pin code. Once they are in, they have your whole system at their fingertips. Keep your phones, laptops, and tablets safe from prying eyes.

These are 4 simple tips that will help you secure your home automation system. The vast majority of “hacks” come from homeowners not taking these simple precautions. At Fluent, we provide safe home automation solutions, and we take pride in our client’s keeping their entire lives safe; their automation system included.