[:en]5 Steps To Build A Better Snowman

There’s no better winter pastime than building a snowman. It’s one of the first things you learn to do in the snow.

At Fluent we want you to enjoy time with your family without worrying about the little things like locking your door or setting the thermostat.

To help you have a fun and safe wintertime we’ve put together these 5 steps to building a better snowman. Let us know what kind of snowman you build and share your pictures on Facebook using #fluentsnowman!

Scout the Area


Before building make sure you pick out an area that has the right amount (and right kind) of snow. You’ll want somewhere flat and open.

Start Small

Little girl having fun on winter day

Begin by tightly packing a small ball of snow. Wetter snow usually sticks better so it’s good to build snowman on warmer days.

Get Rollin’!


Roll your snow ball around the yard making sure you pack it in as you go. Go as big as you can!

Build It Up


Repeat the rolling process with smaller balls. Get some help to put them on top. Most people do 3 snowballs but don’t be afraid to try more.

Snow Into Snowman


The most important part is to make your snowman yours. Decorate him with whatever you can find. Sticks and coal are a classic but try something different.

You’re done! You’ve built your very own snowman. There’s no wrong way to build or decorate a snowman, the most important part is that you have fun![:]