[:en]Avoid Home Security Scams

While some legitimate home security companies like Fluent do make use of door-to-door sales techniques as a way to reach out to our community members who may not otherwise learn about our services and to provide on-site evaluations of your unique home security needs, there are also a lot of sketchy home security scams out there.

Sometimes less scrupulous home security companies will send people to your home spreading misinformation and attempting to strong-arm you into switching companies. In other cases, criminals will actually pretend to be representatives from a home security company in order to gain access to your home, get an idea of the layout and what valuables are present, and even gain access to your alarm code in order to return at a later time and commit a burglary.

Here are a few of the most common scams to look out for:

  • Someone notices the Fluent sign in your yard, knocks on your door and tells you that our company is going out of business and you should switch to their company instead.
  • Someone claims their business has purchased Fluent Home and you need to sign a new contract with them.
  • An alleged home security representative who doesn’t show an employee ID or provide a representative number insists on looking at your home security system, asking a lot of suspicious questions.
  • They claim to be there to upgrade or repair your system, even though you haven’t heard from Fluent and don’t have an appointment. A specific version of this scam involves someone claiming to be from the company who manufactures our equipment, instead of from Fluent itself.

And here are a few things you can do to avoid being taken advantage of:

  • Ask to see the representative’s credentials. If something seems off, you can always call Fluent to verify that the representative really works for us. Or even better, use our convenient Verify Your Representative link to quickly verify their credentials online.
  • Make sure the representative has both a Fluent uniform and a Fluent badge.
  • Be wary of offers that sound too good to be true, or anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Don’t sign anything if you haven’t had a chance to thoroughly read it and think about it.

At Fluent, keeping you safe is our main priority, and that includes keeping you safe from scammers. And as always, if you have questions about this or anything else home security-related, feel free to contact us anytime![:]