How to Avoid Home Security Scams

[:en] While some legitimate home security companies like Fluent do make use of door-to-door sales techniques as a way to reach out to our community members who may not otherwise learn about our services and to provide on-site evaluations of your unique home security needs, there are also a lot of sketchy home security scams […]

4 Green Upgrades to Make at Home

[:en] Making green upgrades around your home can boost your home value, lower your energy bills, and be a great way to take care of the environment and minimize your energy consumption. These four green upgrades are the perfect place to start: Seal Windows and Doors Poorly sealed windows and doors are a major source […]

How to Build a Sense of Community with Your Neighbors

[:en]Building a sense of community with your neighbors not only makes your life more meaningful, but it can also make your neighborhood safer. If your neighbors feel connected to each other they are more likely to look out for one another and let each other know about any suspicious activity they notice. It’s way too […]

Wireless Security System: Do I Still Need A Landline?

[:en] We recently saw an article in the news about a home that had been maliciously broken into and violated. The owners of this home were heartbroken and they had no idea how this could have happened – especially because they had an active security system on their home. It’s an unfortunate truth that our […]

4 Low Energy Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

[:en] No one wants to spend a long, hot summer being uncomfortably warm in their own home. On the other hand, blasting the air conditioning day in and day out is bad for both the environment and your bank account. Instead, try these four creative and low energy ways to stay cool this summer: Use […]