We recently saw an article in the news about a home that had been maliciously broken into and violated. The owners of this home were heartbroken and they had no idea how this could have happened – especially because they had an active security system on their home.

It’s an unfortunate truth that our old home security systems we used to rely on are no longer sufficient to protect us. Over the years, burglars have become smarter and more sophisticated in their techniques of burglary and crime. They’ve discovered that many security systems are connected to a hard-wired land line and that by cutting that line (found on the OUTSIDE of most homes) they can bypass the entire system as if it weren’t there.

Many people still have land lines in their home and may not have updated or considered a new security system. But consider this, because of advances in technology, wireless security systems are now available in nearly every city in North America. This means for the same price or less as your previous, hard-wired security system you can have a completely wireless system that operates on its own cell phone network.

Fluent Home security and automation systems run off GSM (Global System for Mobile) and Z-Wave technology. This means that our systems require no wiring to communicate or connect with itself or a central monitoring station. Each panel can be enabled to carry its own wireless GSM device – essentially making the panel a cell phone that can call out in an emergency at ANY TIME.

While this technology is not new or recent, we feel it’s important to remind people that they have options and that they can be more secure than ever before.

We are saddened when we hear stories like this one, where an innocent family become victims of crime when they should could have been protected. The entire incident in California could have been avoided if the couple had simply upgraded their land line based system to wireless home security technology.

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