[:en]How to stay warm in the winter

We’re in the middle of January which is just about the coldest time of year in Alberta and across North America. With the temperatures hovering in the negatives it’s a good idea to think of ways to stay warm, indoors and out.

We’ve put together a list of simple, easy and cheap ideas to stay warm this winter. Check out the list and let us know what you would add or which is your favorite.

1. Cover Up

You’d never forget your winter coat when going out but it’s easy to overlook keeping your toes, ears, hands and head covered. Keeping your extremities covered is an important part of staying warm.

2. Layer Up

The more layers you wear the warmer you’ll be. This technique is used in nature by animals with layers of fat. It’s a time-tested way to stay warm.

3. Wear a Waterproof Layer

When going outside make sure you’re coats and gear can withstand getting wet. Even if they’re thick, getting wet clothes is a sure-fire way to get cold and stay cold.

4. Move Around

Whether you’re at home or out and about, a good way to give yourself a quick burst of heat is to get and up and move around. Getting your heart pumping and blood flowing will be sure to warm you up.

5. Wear Well-Fitted Clothes

It’s important that your clothes fit you properly. If your clothes are too small they won’t cover you. If they’re too big they won’t insulate well enough to keep heat.

6. Light Candles

Whether they’re scented or not, candles can contribute light and heat to your home. Be careful when using open flames in closed areas though.

7. Insulate Your Home

Put up extra drapes, pictures and rugs in the winter. The added padding will help keep the cold out and the warm in. Make sure you have good insulation between your walls as well.

8. Seal Gaps

Check under doors and windows and make sure there are no leaks. A small leak can go a long way in the cold. This trick will also help you save energy and money.

9. Close Off Unused Rooms

If you’re not going to be using a room for a while, shut the door. This will help circulate the warm air in places that are more used.

10. Bake Something

Baking will help warm up your house. Eating something hot can also help you stay warmer for longer. What’s your favorite thing to bake in the winter?[:]