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How We Stack Up Against the Competition

Heller Vital
Heller Vital
Homer one of the Fluent Home Tech support was reliable to his work. His knowledge to his work is satisfying.
Phil Dell
Phil Dell
Patient , friendly and helpful
Carrie Ross
Carrie Ross
Great experience overall with this company and I enjoy having the service. The traffic onto my property has decreased by 90% easy. No regrets getting the service. I have no idea what the going rate is with other companies but I do find Fluent a bit expensive. Currently, I am paying to have equipment updated, like the smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector as these are not covered by Fluent. Customer service is decent, respectful and helpful. It's been hard getting through to them at times but helpful when I do get through.
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith
What a good and helpful call I just had!! Answered all my calls and went over and about to help me get lined up for what I needed and more!! Thank you John R.

Build your customized smart security system today!

You get the freedom to choose the perfect system. Start with our most basic package and add as many bells and whistles as you want including cameras, door locks, video doorbells, and more. 
Call to learn more about customization and let us help you design your own Smart Home System.
Eva M.
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Dependable and I can trust their security
Deepak C.
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Excellent products & service. I’ve been a user for 7 years and have never been disappointed at all. It’s reliable and worth it.
Scott S.
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Their response time is excellent and they have excellent customer service.

Fluent Home’s One-Stop Shop

Security Cameras

Our Touchless Doorbell Camera, Outdoor Security Cameras, and Indoor Security Cameras are among our most popular products and for a good reason! Each one is equipped with intelligent motion tracking so you can be home even while you’re away.


The state-of-the-art smart hub panel lets you control all your products in one, easy-to-use touchscreen. The Fluent Home Panel is a smart home hub that bundles all your smart home controls in one place, giving you control of lights, locks, garage doors, thermostats, and security sensors & cameras from one spot.

Smart Locks

No key is needed with our smart locks. Smart door locks add a whole new level of security and convenience to a Fluent Home security system, allowing you to easily let people in – or keep them out – remotely.

Why Fluent?

Fluent Home is the only home security system on the market that offers both Video Verification & Video Analytics at no extra cost.

Video analytics gives you the ability to customize the parameters of the activity the security system is looking for and receive a notification when the alarm criteria are set.

Video verification is when you and the Fluent Monitoring Station receive video clip notifications when your Fluent Home security system is triggered so you can verify the threat or cancel the security alarm. Video verification offers you faster response time, the ability to designate camera monitoring for privacy and help avoid false alarms.

Our indoor and outdoor security cameras offer 24/7 motion clips compared to 30 second clips from other home security providers.

Our home security system is a cellular system as well!

How to Get Started With Our State-Of-The-Art Fluent Home Automation Technology

1. Call For A Quote

We will help you define a custom home automation system that fits your lifestyle.

2. Choose A Time For Installation

Our certified technicians will professionally install your new system

3. Download The Fluent Home App

Conveniently control your new system through our Fluent Smart Home App

What can Fluent Home do for Nevada?

Fluent is a company that focuses on home automation. Homes in Nevada rely on Fluent for their security needs because of our dedication to making the home more secure, peaceful, and seamless. That’s why we’ve made our services fast and our pricing transparent. Fluent Home Security aims to provide Nevada with the best customer experience and top-of-the-line service, striving to be a company that you would proudly recommend to friends and family.


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Why We Love Nevada

The sunny weather year round, beautiful mountains and lakes make it easy to love Nevada. With Fluent Home Security, you can enjoy all that Nevada has to offer while also keeping your home safe and secure.


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