[:en]When making changes and upgrades to your property, don’t overlook the importance of great outdoor lighting. The right outdoor lighting makes your landscaping more visually appealing at night, while also protecting your home and family. Outdoor lights along a path can light the way when your family and guests walk to the house or through the backyard at night. Well-lit properties are also much less attractive to would-be intruders. Here are some ideas to consider when looking into outdoor lighting options:

Pathway and Accent Lights

Pathway and accent lights make your property safer at night and can also add aesthetic appeal. These lights should gently guide your family members and visitors from their cars to the front door, as well as to the back patio or swimming pool. Existing paths, driveways, and dark outdoor stairs are good starting points for where to place your pathway lights. Solar LED pathway lights are great options because they last a long time and save a ton of energy.

Showcase Lighting

Showcase lighting are small lights serving to highlight aspects of your home you want to show off, such as interesting architectural details or cool landscaping. Of course, by adding extra illumination to your property showcase lighting also adds safety by making your home less attractive to criminals.

Motion-detecting Flood Lights

Few things will stop a would-be burglar in their tracks as fast as bright flood lights. The last thing an intruder wants is to be caught standing under a bright spotlight. Motion-detecting flood lights are ideal for a few reasons. First, they only come on when activated by motion, which saves energy. It also prevents your family members and neighbors from potentially getting annoyed by having bright light coming in their windows all night. Plus, since the lights go off right away once the motion stops, they won’t detract from your more subtle and pleasant pathway and other outdoor lights.

String Lights

Any backyard patio, gazebo or deck needs string lights. Hanging lights will not only create a more festive atmosphere, but also have the practical effect of making it possible to use your patio as outdoor living space after dark instead of just during the day. Instead of buying cheap Christmas lights that will just burn out (and might remind people of a college dorm room), opt for larger, cafe-style LED lights.

Outdoor Light Sconces

Outdoor light sconces places on exterior walls add an elegant touch and help align your outside decor with the rest of your home. They come in a variety of finishes and styles, including rustic, traditional, and contemporary, to complement your home’s design.

Water Features

Water features like fountains, ponds, or rock walls with waterfalls, are soothing to be around and beautiful to look at. By adding ambient lighting to these features, they become a major part of your lighting design and can be enjoyed at night. Don’t forget to add good lighting to your swimming pool or hot tub, too.

To get even more inspired, check out these examples of gorgeous outdoor lighting.[:]