Could the Four Horsemen of ‘Now You See Me’ Beat a Fluent Home Smart Security System?


“Come in close, because the more you think you see, the easier it’ll be to fool you.” This quote from the 2013 film “Now You See Me” may hold true for its magicians, but in the real world, could it have an effect on a Fluent Home smart security system? Let’s find out.

The Four Horsemen of the part-magic-part-heist movie “Now You See Me” pull off an impressive bank robbery, seemingly vanishing money from a vault across the world in France, only to send it raining down seconds later on an exhilarated audience in a Las Vegas event venue.

The ins and outs of how the team of magicians and illusionists accomplish the bank heist are revealed in part later on in the film, but not until the Four Horsemen have pulled off several more impressive feats.

As with many heist movies, each leading member of the “Now You See Me” cast plays a character with a different sharpened skill set. Combined together, the Four Horsemen form a powerful team that can effectively execute a robbery under the guise of magic.

But while the “Now You See Me” cast pull off a successful bank heist, among many other capers, how well would their individual skills stack up against the Fluent Home smart security system? We’re going to break down each of the stars, their skills, and how they would fare against a simple home security system from Fluent Home.


J. Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg) — Illusionist

Daniel seeks to mislead the eye, causing those around him to be distracted and miss important details as he achieves his own ends. Unfortunately for him in our smart security system scenario, home alarm systems are not susceptible to sleight of hand and are unlikely to be rendered ineffective by a card trick.






Henley Reeves (Isla Fisher) — Escape Artist

Though Henley can free herself from tricky situations, the challenge as a robber is first to get into a place before escaping from it. While she might be good in a getaway, her skill set wouldn’t do much to get her past a smart security system camera or sensor.






Merritt McKinney (Woody Harrelson) — Mentalist and Hypnotist

Using mentalism or hypnosis requires a human subject to work on — all this assuming they are real abilities that can influence unsuspecting people. Sadly for Merritt, security cameras lack the mental capacity to become mentally compromised, so he would be ineffective against a Fluent Home system.






Jack Wilder (Dave Franco) — Impressionist and Pickpocket

Because Fluent Some smart security systems are controlled by a programmable panel and a user-friendly phone app, no matter how highly skilled at impressions Jack may be, he’s not going to overcome the security measures. Should he put his lockpicking skills to work and try to tamper with a door or window, a security notification would go out and notify the property owner of his presence. Foiled again!






Dylan Rhodes/Shrike (Mark Ruffalo) — The Agent

Spoiler alert: Although the Four Horsemen don’t find out until the end of the film, Dylan’s role as an FBI agent was a front to his true identity as the Fifth Horseman and a master magician. With the FBI, he has tools at his disposal that could probably overcome a Fluent Home smart security system. But if someone is with the FBI, they’re not going to break into your home. And as far as being a master magician goes, he’s got the same skills as the Four Horsemen, only stronger. The reasoning still holds: In the end, pulling a quarter from behind someone’s ear, no matter how convincingly, isn’t going to get him past a security system sensor.