Doorbell Camera: Porch Package Protection for the Holidays

Have you ever eagerly tracked a must-have online purchase, only to discover it vanished soon after its arrival? If that hits home, you’ve likely been a victim of ‘porch pirates’—stealthy thieves who swipe parcels right from your doorstep. 

With the holiday season painting a giant, festive target on your deliveries, the need for porch package protection becomes crystal clear. Many homeowners are now installing doorbell cameras as a defense against package theft. These cameras are home security sentinels that keep watch when the porch pirates come lurking. 

Rising Trend of Porch Piracy 

You may have heard about more and more people losing their delivered packages, but exactly how common is package theft, particularly during the busy holiday season? 

According to a C+R Research survey from October 2022, 14% of Americans have been targeted by porch pirates, with some experiencing theft multiple times. While 67% of respondents reported a single stolen package, 22% had two thefts, and 11% had three or more thefts. Notably, the average worth of these stolen packages is estimated to be $112.30. Even more alarming is that these figures typically see a sharp uptick during festive periods, as gleaming parcels neatly stacked at doorsteps become alluring items for opportunistic thieves. 

In 2022, porch pirates stole an estimated 260 million packages. The repercussions of such brazen acts ripple beyond frustration and loss for homeowners, inflicting couriers with the extra burden of replacements and refunds. 

The Utility of a Doorbell Camera

Among modern home tech fixtures, the doorbell camera is pivotal for porch package protection, seamlessly melding convenience with security. At its core, a doorbell camera is a specialized device combining the functionality of a traditional doorbell with a built-in camera, monitoring your doorstep deliveries in real time. 

A doorbell camera is a two-pronged defense strategy. It protects against package theft and enhances general home security with 24/7 surveillance

So, if you’re wondering how to stop package theft effectively, a doorbell camera might be the solution. These devices come in an array of models boasting many features, including crystal-clear video quality, night vision capabilities, and intelligent motion detection. Think of the doorbell camera as a digital watchdog, ensuring your packages remain under your protection.

5 Reasons to Install a Doorbell Camera for the Holidays

1. Ward Off Package Thieves 

Visible security does wonders in keeping porch pirates at bay. The mere sight of a doorbell camera can make thieves think twice, offering a simple yet effective strategy for keeping package thieves at bay. A University of North Carolina study found that visible security measures, such as cameras, significantly deter burglaries and theft. So, deck your porch with tech for some practical porch package protection!

2. Get Alerts Remotely

With real-time monitoring and alerts, doorbell cameras can ping your phone with instant notifications upon detecting motion or suspicious activity, allowing you to monitor your front door remotely. Whether relaxing indoors or enjoying holiday festivities, keep a digital eye on your deliveries straight from your smartphone.

3. Direct the Delivery Person

With a doorbell camera, you can direct your delivery person and tell them precisely where to stash your packages. The doorbell camera is equipped with an intercom, allowing you to engage in a quick chat with the delivery person. Tell them where to tuck away your holiday parcel so they’re out of the thieves’ line of sight.

4. Gain Legal and Insurance Perks 

The gift of security keeps on giving! Your doorbell camera doesn’t just watch; it can record evidence that might come in handy if you ever need to file a legal claim or police report on an incident occurring in front of your property. Many insurance companies offer discounts for protecting your home with visible security systems.

5. Gift Yourself Peace of Mind 

Above all, the peace of mind you get by monitoring your home and deliveries is priceless. Take a holiday break away from home without worrying about your porch packages. The doorbell camera catches everything, even if something is stolen from your property. You’ll know what happened and when it happened. 

How to Choose the Right Doorbell Camera 

Choosing the proper doorbell camera is essential, especially when determining how to catch a package thief red-handed. Consider the following before making a purchase:

  • Start by zoning in on video quality because crystal-clear images make the culprits easier to identify if your package gets stolen.
  • Decide on the camera’s video storage capacity. It must capture and store enough footage to make it effective.
  • Consider power source options, opting for what aligns with your setup—wired or battery-powered. 
  • Choose a doorbell camera compatible with your existing smart home devices for a streamlined, user-friendly experience. 

Find Your Doorbell Camera at Fluent Home

This holiday season, level up your porch package protection with Fluent Home’s Touchless Video Doorbell Camera! 

Wondering how to prevent package theft? You can answer your door virtually anywhere with crisp HD visuals, real-time 2-way audio, and seamless integration into the Fluent Home app. Secure your special deliveries and get an instant alert if someone’s lurking at your doorstep. Whether it’s a doorbell camera system, home surveillance cameras, or smart door locks, make Fluent your frontline defense!

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