[:en]Smart home technology is great for homeowners who want to cut down on energy costs and add comfortable convenience into their everyday lives, but did you know that it also provides major benefits in the world of pet ownership, too?

In the not-too-distant-past, homeowners couldn’t rely on their appliances to take care of their pets while they were away…

That’s still true today; however, the recent revolution in the Internet of Things (IoT) has provided pet owners across Alberta with an extra helping hand.

Think of your smart home as a 24/7 pet sitter.

Here’s how gadgets from Fluent Home Edmonton can transform the life of pet owners (and Fido, too!).

Smart Cameras

Cameras strategically placed around your home aren’t just for spying on the kids while you’re away. Smart cameras are connected into the IoT, providing you live streaming footage of the activities going on around your home right from your smartphone.

It’s not just for spying on Fido, either. There are some amazing smart toys that allow you to play with your pets while you are away and let them hear your voice, helping ease their boredom and separation anxiety.

Smart Thermostats

Have you ever been stuck between a rock and a hard place during a hot summer month when deciding if you should leave the AC on for your dog and cat while you go to work? You don’t want to increase your bills but you can’t leave your pets to boil inside your home while you’re away. A smart thermostat will let you program your HVAC system to fit the needs of your family’s animals, giving them the perfect temperature to enjoy inside. You can monitor and control the system right from your phone, letting you make it as toasty or cool inside the house as you desire. Once a certain temperature is reached, the system will adjust. If you’re on your way home and want to turn it off because the evening is cooling down, just press a button!

Owning a pet is great for any family, but they come with great responsibilities. Now, with smart home technology from Fluent Home Edmonton, your home can help take care of your pets, too!

Ready to have a 24/7 pet sitter in your home? Contact us today![:]