[:en]More and more homeowners are investing in smart home tech, but are worried about the threat of hacking. While hacks are extremely rare, they are an unfortunate reality. The good news is that with the right precautions and the right service providers, you can make sure you are never a victim.

Adjustable lights, appliances that talk, doors that lock themselves – this isn’t some futuristic movie, it’s your smart home!

New technology has made it easier than ever to connect all of your electronic devices together to the “internet of things” and control them at the push of a button. You’ll save time and money, and you’ll live with conveniences that you would have never dreamt you would be able to enjoy.

But the threat of hacking gives many potential buyers pause. We understand. Not to worry, if you follow these simple tips, you will never have to worry about a hack that costs you money and privacy.

Improve your wi-fi security

Your wi-fi network is the central nervous system for the entire network. It’s importance means it could be the first target for an attack. Modern security measures make it extremely difficult to get the password and gain access to the network, but if you don’t take some security precautions or the wrong word gets out somewhere, then you could be left vulnerable.

We suggest these two tips:

– Strengthen your password – It might seem obvious but your first order of duty should be to beef up your password’s security. Change it often and never make it something you use regularly. Never tell it to anyone that you don’t trust.

– Quarantine your smart home devices Separating your devices from your computers and phones is relatively simple. With most routers, you can set up a guest network with a different password. We recommend creating a separate network and transferring all of your devices to it. When they are “quarantined” in a different network, it makes it next to impossible to access them.

Regularly check for security updates

When new and improved methods for securing a network are invented or a hole in your software’s armour is discovered, your provider will introduce an update that is easily downloadable. Regularly check devices (appliances, for example) for these “patches”.

Any reputable provider will offer regular updates, but the problem is that devices without a “face” (we mean screen!) won’t be able to let you know they need one. Use your mobile app to check for updates and download available ones immediately.

Use a reputable service provider

Nothing compares to the value that in-depth research prior to buying provides. Knowing exactly who and what you’ll be working with can give you peace of mind. Fluent Home Edmonton is a local company that understands the value of our service within the community. We take your security seriously.

It is always recommend to go with trusted brands of equipment and trusted retailers. If you don’t use one, then you risk getting vulnerable secondhand equipment. Before you decide to invest in smart home technology, do your research on who you’re working with and what they are providing.

Hacks are a rare threat, and with the right precautions, you can ensure that you never fall victim. If you are looking to invest in smart home security, but are worried about the threat of a security breach putting your home in jeopardy, contact Fluent Home Edmonton today to learn more about we keep both your home and your network secure.[:]