[:en]Smart home technology makes your home more comfortable, convenient, and accessible, providing you unprecedented opportunities. Never before has it been possible to reach this level of security, ease of use, and interconnectivity.

You’ve probably heard that you can have doors that lock automatically, notifications that tell you when your kids walk in the door, and detailed statistics of your utility usage, but did you know that equipping your home with smart home technology from Fluent Home Edmonton could give you these amazing options?

Waking up to Your Favourite Song

Few people like waking up at the crack of dawn and look forward to a long day of work, but just because getting up isn’t your favourite thing in the world doesn’t mean you can’t do it to your favourite song. You can hook your phone right up to your alarm clock and arm it with the best Spotify song in your arsenal or tell it to play that amazing iTunes playlist you always blast on your way to work. 6:30AM never sounded so good!

Waking up to a Fresh Pot of Coffee

Who doesn’t love a delicious cup of coffee to start the day off right? Now you don’t even have to wait to have one. Wake up (to your favourite song of course), go down stairs enticed by the savory aromas, and indulge in a hot cup of coffee that was poured by your smart coffee maker. There’s just something amazing about a coffee pot brewing you a cup without even pressing a button that’s really satisfying.

Set Your Lights to Turn off With a Word

Remember when you used to imagine you had super powers? Well, now you can (kind of). Set your smart lights to turn off instantly when you say the magic word. Choose the word, set up the system, and watch as they go out as soon as you say “lights out!”.

Watch Your Infant from Your Phone

Being a parent means constantly worrying about your child’s safety. With a smart home, you can put some of those fears to bed. Set up your system so that a camera in your child’s room feeds directly to your smartphone. You can view the live feed at all times and keep close tabs on your infant. Feel free to roam about the house, take a quick nap on the couch, or do some gardening work without constantly running back into the house to check up.

Knowing that smart home technology from Fluent Home Edmonton gives you amazing levels of comfort, security, and convenience is one thing, but knowing exactly which kinds of comforts and conveniences you get is another. If having these abilities sounds like something you’d be interested, talk to one of our representatives