Every year we look for the coolest, hottest new technology to bring to our customer’s homes. This year we are excited to announce a brand new product unlike any other.

Introducing the Fluent Doorbell Camera

Sleek, simply and super useful. The Fluent Doorbell Camera will take your home security and your personal convenience to the next level. There’s so many amazing features to talk about so we’ve made a nice list:

  1. HD Video – See your front porch in 1080p glory and with 5x zoom.

  2. Motion Sensing – Get alerts whenever anyone comes to your door.

  3. Video Recording – Save and playback important moments.

  4. 2-Way Communication – Talk right to whoever is at your door and listen back.

  5. Color Night Vision – See the full view no matter the time of day.

  6. Weather Resistant – Rate for -40 to 60 degree Celsius (-40 to 140 F)

  7.  Mobile Viewing – See your video from anywhere in the world.


The possibilities are endless when you couple the Doorbell Camera with other automation equipment from Fluent Home. Let someone in to feed the pets by checking your doorbell camera and unlocking your door remotely all from the Fluent App. Set a trigger to automatically turn on your house lights when someone approaches your door. Make your doorbell chime sound like your favorite pop song on your phone. The future is yours and your house is now smart with Fluent.

To learn more about the Fluent Doorbell Camera and getting on for you family call 855-238-4826.