So your home needs a security system, but the process of getting it up and running seems daunting… We understand that technology can be confusing, but you’re in the right hands with Fluent! Our professional installers make joining the Fluent Family simple so that you can rest assured that your home is secure. Follow along for a breakdown of the installation process into 3 steps!

1. Speak with a security consultant over the phone for a free quote.

You’ll be able to talk with a security system professional to help you customize your home automation system. We make sure this system fits your needs and lifestyle, so each customer’s system is unique and priced differently. Call 1-866-430-0657, and we’ll take care of you!

2. Scheduling your smart security installation.

We send our certified and background-checked technicians to install your customized security system professionally. You’ll spot our security technician arriving in our Fluent branded truck. They will walk through your home to determine where the best place for your security products will be installed, such as where your panel will work best, and make sure the angles of your security cameras look good. They will explain how each product works and make sure that you love the system you are getting. Once you feel comfortable, the technician will install everything the same day.

3. Download the Fluent App.

After your system is fully installed, the technician will help you with connecting your Fluent Home app. You can conveniently control your new system with confidence, all from the Fluent Smart Home app. The Fluent Home app allows you to control every Fluent Security product even while away. The technician will make sure all of your family knows how to use and control the app.

Now that your system is up and running, you’ll be able to see the simplicity of convenience that your new system brings to your home! To learn more about our products, click here.