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How to Install a Doorbell Camera Without an Existing Doorbell: Your Guide

Are you thinking about adding extra home security by installing a doorbell camera? That’s a great idea—the more security measures you have, the safer you’ll be.

Did you know you can actually set up a doorbell camera yourself? Yes, you can!

There are two types of doorbells: wired and wireless. Wired doorbells require a wire attached to your power source, while wireless rely on batteries. For this article, we’ll focus on wired doorbells and how to install a doorbell camera without an existing doorbell.

Top Benefits of a Smart Doorbell Camera

There’s a reason for the increase in smart doorbell cameras on homes. This simple device allows homeowners to take control of their security.

Here are the top four benefits of a smart doorbell:

1. Burglary Deterrence

The most obvious benefit of having a doorbell camera is deterring or catching burglars. In 2021, there were 583,178 burglaries reported by law enforcement agencies.

Around 34% of burglars go through the front door!

A security measure like a doorbell camera will make a thief think twice before breaking into your home—especially if paired with motion-activated sound or light.

2. Enhanced Personal Safety

A camera doorbell allows you to answer the door without opening it. This is good for two reasons: The first is a matter of comfort and convenience; the second is more significant—you won’t put yourself at risk to open the door.

Instead of sneaking around to see who’s at the door without them seeing you, you can simply open your Fluent Home app and choose whether you want to talk to the visitors.

3. Secure Deliveries

Package thieves are increasingly common, and a doorbell camera lets you monitor deliveries—even while away from home. You could also deter porch thievery by startling thieves with your voice through the doorbell.

4. Law Enforcement Evidence

If your home is burglarized, there’s a chance your doorbell camera can catch the perpetrator as they’re escaping, evidence you can provide to the police. A camera doorbell can help solve a crime, even if it didn’t happen to you. Depending on your camera’s view range, you may detect crimes across the street or someone fleeing a crime scene.

Do I Need an Electrician to Install a Doorbell Camera?

No, all you need is a bit of patience and time. If you don’t already have a wired doorbell, more labor is involved, but it’s still doable.

If you prefer not to install the doorbell camera, Fluent Home’s technicians can install it for you.

What Do I Need to Install a Doorbell Camera Without an Existing Doorbell?

If your home doesn’t have a wired doorbell in place already, then you’ll need the following:

  • The doorbell camera
  • A doorbell transformer
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Multimeter
  • Stud finder

Install Your Doorbell Camera

It’s important to note that without the setup for a wired doorbell, there will be a few extra steps in this doorbell camera installation than if you already had one installed.

1. Disconnect the Circuit Breaker

Safety first! If you’re installing a transformer, you’ll need to cut power at the circuit breaker to avoid injury while setting it up.

2. Choose the Doorbell Location

When deciding where you place your doorbell camera, ensure it’s around chest height. This makes it easy to reach the doorbell button and provides an optimal camera viewpoint.

When you establish your installation location, ensure it’s level, then mark where the screws will go. To avoid drilling into existing wires, use a stud finder to double-check it’s safe to drill.

3. Install the Transformer

A doorbell requires less power than the rest of the house, and the transformer will decrease the voltage. Before installing the transformer, ensure it’s rated for the correct voltage.

There are several ways to install a doorbell transformer.

The easiest is to use a plug-in transformer at an inside outlet near the door and then connect the wires to the doorbell camera. You’ll likely need to drill a hole in your wall to make the connection.

The second method uses an outdoor junction box that connects to the home’s breaker box. Connect the transformer to the junction box and then run wires along the side of the house to connect to the doorbell.

The final method is installing the transformer to your breaker box, running wires through your home, and connecting them to the doorbell. This method involves drilling holes into the wall and floor of your home.

Once the doorbell camera is installed, use a multimeter to ensure it’s working correctly.

4. Attach Wires

Now that you’ve installed your transformer, you can attach the transformer’s wires to the doorbell. Double-check for proper connections.

5. Install the Doorbell

You can now work on actually installing your doorbell camera. Drill holes where you made pencil marks, then follow your doorbell’s instructions to attach it to your home.

6. Connect to Wi-Fi

Now that the physical part is completed, it’s time to connect the doorbell to your Wi-Fi. Most doorbell cameras have a mobile app allowing you to see and speak through it—just like Fluent Home’s app.

7. Test Everything

We’re at the final step—time to ensure everything’s working. Connect the breaker and see if the doorbell chime works. If so, check your app to see if the camera and speakers operate.

Fluent Home Can Keep You Secure

Do you still have questions that this article didn’t answer? Make sure to check out our doorbell help page, we cover common issues that come up in the installation process.

If you think the installation process sounds like a lot of work, relax! You don’t have to do it yourself. Fluent Home can help with the proper doorbell camera and installation. Call 1-855-238-4826 today to get a quote!

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