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Receive free installation & activation with the purchase of a new smart home system!

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Is Home Automation Right for You?: Ask Yourself These 3 Questions

[:en]Complete control over your home’s energy consumption? 24/7 security regardless of whether you’re home or away? All of your home’s electronics connected in one easy-to-use interface? Smart home technology is revolutionizing the idea of convenience and safety across Edmonton

But is it right for you?

For the first-time buyer, smart home technology may seem too good to be true. For others, it may seem out of reach financially. The reality is that it is possible to interconnect all of your home’s systems and devices, control them via your smart phone, and never have to worry about wasting energy, leaving your home unlocked, or being the victim of an extended break-in again.

And it’s all within financial reach.

It might not be right for everyone, though. Here are three questions to ask yourself before investing in smart home tech.

Do I have children or elderly parents?

Protecting the most vulnerable people in our lives is goal number one. If you have children or elderly parents that you’re responsible for, then investing in smart home security is a great way to keep them safe.

With 24/7 monitoring, automatic locking controls when you are away from home, and fast response mechanisms to help in the case of a burglary or slip and fall, having home processes automated can act as a first line of defence.

It’s not just about safety either. A lot of children can’t grasp just how much money the AC is costing you each month or how important it is to lock up that back door when they come home at night. When you have total control over each home system and access to system data, you know exactly how much is being consumed at all times.

Do I have a vacation home I need to secure (or go on vacation often?)

The smart home technology market is booming from the demand of the vacation home and property rental industry. When homes are unoccupied for lengths of time, they are easy targets for criminals and vandals. There are some tried and tested tricks used in each industry to help give the guise of residents in the home, but most crimes are committed by people used to these tactics.

If you automate and connect your home, you can consistently make it seem as though you are there. Dimming the lighting, opening the garage door, opening the blinds — each of these tactics has proven to deter would-be criminals.

With constant security and monitoring, you ensure that your belongings are safe at all times. On the flipside, if you are a trailblazer who loves traveling every weekend, home automation security can keep your regular home safe as well while you’re away.

Do I spend too much money on energy?

Energy consumption is a growing issue in Canada. It’s easy to understand why we over consume, though. Warm summers and frigid winters make us want to retreat to the comfort of our homes for some fresh AC or toasty heat.

By automating your energy system you get:

– Control over your energy system to limit spending
– Convenient controls to prepare the home (never come home to a cold house again!)
– Full monitoring to track consumption and spending

Full control over your lighting and HVAC will let you cut down on energy bills each month.

Home automation provides savings and unrivaled convenience while also offering an unprecedented level of security and peace of mind. If you answered yes to any of these question, then speaking to one of our smart home technology representatives could be right for you.[:]

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