[:en]When approaching the important task of protecting your home and family from criminal activity and break-ins, you may be tempted to save money by simply purchasing a “dummy” or fake security camera, and a decal or yard sign for a home security system you don’t actually own. This is a very risky approach, since you are counting on criminals being completely deterred by the illusion of security. Here are a few points to keep in mind when considering this approach:

Your family’s safety isn’t the place to cut corners and save a few bucks. The false impression that you have a security system in place will probably deter some would-be criminals. But the very determined or very observant will still risk it, because they know how many people these days have fake yard signs and cameras. If they break into a window or door and no alarm sounds and they don’t see a security system wall panel, they know the home is actually quite vulnerable.

This puts your belongings, valuables, and most importantly your family’s safety at risk. There are always places to save money in your home budget, but something as important as your family’s safety isn’t the right place to cut corners.

Fake cameras and yard signs don’t offer the many benefits that an actual security system does. Modern home security systems are highly functional, easy to use, automated with the help of smart technology, and protect your family on multiple levels. An actual doorbell camera will record evidence if someone breaks in, vandalizes your home, or steals a package. A real alarm system will notify the authorities the second someone breaks into your home, and have police to your house within minutes.

A Fluent Home security system can easily be integrated with carbon monoxide, smoke detector, and medical alert technology, protecting your family from much more than just break-ins. You can also include automation to have everything from temperature control to ambient sound and lighting at your fingertips.

The false sense of security provided by window decals, yard signs for fake companies, and phony cameras is flimsy and not based on reality. Provide yourself and your family with real peace of mind by installing a legit security system.[:]