[:en]Is automation a part of your home security system? If not, it should be! With automation, you can worry less while away from home and can better monitor and secure your belongings. In fact, a true smart home links together all of your systems and appliances through a seamless automation system where you can control every aspect quickly and conveniently.

As such, integrating smart home technology can help increase efficiency in your day-to-day routine. Think about it, there are many advantages to integrating third party devices with your Fluent automation system. From controlling locks, to the garage door, thermostats, sprinkler systems and interior/exterior lights — you can do all of it through one app!

Below we discuss how you can easily integrate Fluent’s smart home technology with your current home systems and appliances.

Integrating Hubs and Controllers

A smart hub is a device that is connected to your home’s router and is compatible with all devices from that company. From Amazon’s Echo to Apple’s HomePod and even Google Home, it’s easy to connect your smart speakers to Fluent technology. How? They are all compatible with the Fluent app on your phone or tablet. Once connected, the hubs, such as Amazon’s Alexa, can control lighting, temperature and more. All you have to do is ask your controllers and they’ll do it for you!

Integrating Surveillance Cameras

Do you have various surveillance cameras around your property? Fluent’s smart home technology has made it easier than ever to get remote real-time video. Now, instead of going to a separate app for your camera feeds, you can use the Fluent app to log into your video feed and see who is at your front door, and get alerts in real time if someone attempts to break into your home, steal a package or commit vandalism while you’re away.

Integrating Locks

Increase security and convenience at the same time by integrating your automated locks with Fluent smart home technology. Gone are the days of having to hide a key near your door. Instead, through one app, you can give your friends and family remote access, no matter where you are. You can also use the app to make sure your doors are locked when maintenance or construction workers are leaving your house for the day.

Integrating Heating and Cooling Systems

Did you forget to turn off the AC before leaving the house for a week long summer vacation? Well, you don’t have to worry when you integrate your heating and cooling systems. Through the app, you can schedule when your heating and cooling systems can turn on and off and better yet, save money on your utility bill and reduce your ecological footprint. Furthermore, these smart home systems can automatically detect when users are inside or outside of the house, again helping to reduce your ecological footprint.

Integrating Lighting Systems

Like your heating and cooling systems, you can also save money by integrating your lighting with Fluent smart home technology. Turn off your lights while you’re away at work for the day or turn them on before you come home late at night — all remotely by using the app. You can also set timers for your lighting systems so your house will be more secure and energy efficient while you’re away.

As you can see, there’s a lot of third party systems that can be integrated into the Fluent app or Fluent panel inside your home, making your home run more efficiently and more importantly, run more securely. Turn your home into a smart home today!

At Fluent, we know that every family is unique and not every house needs the same security equipment and features. That’s why all of our systems are customized to your individual needs. Fluent packages are flexible and our equipment options are broad so you can get the perfect and totally custom solution for your home. Whether it’s protection from intrusions, fires, gas leaks or medical emergencies, we can provide you with a top-notch product design, all with your safety in mind.