[:en]With rising energy prices across Canada, especially in the cities of Edmonton and Calgary, Albertans continue to look for ways to lower their energy bills (without having to face the summer heat sans AC!). Heating costs continue to represent a modest percentage of household expenditure, but no savings are bad savings if you ask us!

The great thing about smart home technology is that you get all the benefits of security and convenience and the added perk of a tamer cooling bill come the end of the month. Here are three ways smarthome technology can cool off your summer AC bills.

No more cooling down the outside world

There’s nothing wrong with sharing, but leaving the backdoor or a window open is essentially cooling down the neighbourhood for free (and futilely at that). About 35% of heat escapes through windows and doors according to most energy studies. Safety and security are priority number one for many of our clients, but our advanced security systems give you an added benefit when it comes to cooling your home: automatic detection of open doors and windows. With strategically placed door sensors, you can always be on top of your home’s portals.

Now, if anyone ever leaves the backdoor open by accident, you will know if your cold air is escaping and put an end to it right from your smartphone.

Get big savings from a smart thermostat

With multiple settings and smart technology, you’ll benefit from major savings by programming your thermostat to automatically adjust at certain times of day or when certain temperatures have been reached. You can even program it to turn your shades down during the hottest times of day. This way, if you ever happen to fall asleep at night without turning the thermostat off, you’ll never end up paying more than you should. For example, you can program a “bedtime” setting that automatically prepares your home for nighttime, decreasing the amount of energy used throughout the night while still keeping you comfortable enough to sleep deeply.

Remote control your thermostat from your car

Or from wherever you happen to be for that matter. With your smartphone application, you can adjust the thermostat from from anywhere with a connection. If you’re on your way home, you can cool the house down before you arrive. If you’re away at work, you can make sure the kids aren’t overusing the AC while you’re not there. If you’re on vacation, you can make sure the pets aren’t dying in the heat.

There’s a smart way to beat the summer heat—controlling your AC bills with smart technology. With Fluent Home Edmonton, you can make sure your home is always at a comfortable temperature and save money while doing it.[:]