Fluent Solar

Fluent Solar has been servicing homes across the nation since 2015. We are driven to help homeowners reach their financial goals while saving our planet.



Why Go Solar?

1. Savings

The majority of customers save 5-45% in the first year. Gain the ability to use your energy when it is most valuable.

2. Sustainability

Help protect our planet and gain control of your energy by switching to sustainable solar energy.

3. Peace of Mind

World class install & 20-25 year no hassle service with predictable pricing. Ensure protection against blackouts.

Customized to your Home.


We’ll personalize a Fluent Solar system to fit your needs.

 How Solar


Solar Panels

Solar panels on your roof convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity.


Utility Meter

The utility meter is used to measure your electrical supply. If you produce more power than you actually used, your utility company will offset your next bill.


The DC electricity is run through an in- verter to make the conversion into alter- nating current (AC) power (the standard electrical current used in your home).


Utility Grid

You will always be plugged into the utility grid. When your solar panels are producing less electricity (e.g. at night), your home’s power runs from the utility grid.

Electrical Panel

The AC power is run through the elec- trical panel where it can be distributed throughout your home.



System Tracking

Online monitoring offers easy access to your solar account at any time. You can check your solar production, specifications, and much more.

Great reliable service. We were on holiday during a very cold winter and we received a temperature warning in our property, allowing us to have someone check. The furnace had stopped working and we would have had frozen pipes.

Frank Berry


Fluent has been very kind and understanding in my circumstances and were willing to help me in any way they could. They helped me with a couple of different scenarios in order to for me to have options to choose from. I never felt hurried or rushed. I was never treated like I was a “voice” on the phone, nor felt like I was just a number. I highly, highly recommend this company! They greatly calmed my fears during a difficult time in my life.

Kaye Notarianni McDade


I have been with Fluent for about a year now and their technology and features are second to none. The one time I had to call in my phone call was answered very fast. I love being able to control my garage door with the same app as my alarm system and doorbell camera.

Daniel Slack


At Fluent Solar, we feel it is our job to be fluent in everything smart home related, and share a top-of-the-line experience with our customers. We are committed to providing you with leading technology and the ability to custom-design your home to fit your needs.

Solar Benefits

Industry Leading Warranty

Fluent Solar offers unparalleled 25-year warranties to our customers:

• 25 year panel manufacturer warranty
• 25 year inverter manufacturer warranty

Tax Credit

You will receive a 26% tax credit for going solar this year. This credit is based off of your personal tax liability, and might come in prorated increments if your liability does not exceed your solar tax credit. Please consult a licensed CPA for questions.

Fluent Solar Rewards

To further our mission, we are currently offering a $500 referral bonus for both you and a friend after you each complete a Fluent Solar Installation. The best part? There is no limit to the amount of referrals you can submit!

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