Verify Your Representative

What to Look for

While you most likely already exercise caution, when you see someone you don’t recognize in your neighborhood you want to know if they are legally representing an official company. To help you distinguish between legitimate Fluent sales reps and impostors you can enter an ID badge number and immediately know who you are dealing with. Here are three items to look for in a verified Fluent representative:

  • Fluent ID badge
  • Fluent Uniform
  • Sometimes Fluent Truck
Not found If they don’t have an ID number, they don’t work for Fluent Home.


Call 855-238-4826 to verify your rep by phone

Sales Representative

Fluent sales reps are your home security experts. They will know exactly how to custom build a system for your home.

Sales Technician

Fluent technicians are trained security equipment experts. They will install and help you learn how to use your system.

A Fluent rep will never say any of the following

  • Fluent Home has filed for bankruptcy,” or “Our company recently purchased Fluent Home.
  • Alternatively, they might state that Fluent Home has filed for bankruptcy or been purchased by another entity.” These statements are absolutely false. Fluent Home has existed since 2011 and has protected more than 60,000 homes. The company is in excellent financial condition and has no plans to allow another organization to purchase it.
  • I am from the company that manufactures the equipment for Fluent Home, and I am here to upgrade your system.
  • Please be aware that while Fluent Home is an authorized dealer for Honeywell products, we would never send a representative from Honeywell to upgrade or perform work on your alarm system.
  • A representative from Fluent contacted us and we are here to follow up on that call.
  • Our Fluent representatives may contact you from time to time to ensure that our system and services meet your expectations, and they will always wear the Fluent uniform (hat and shirt) as well as a Fluent ID badge. We will not send a third-party representative to your door for any reason.
Example of a Fluent Rep badge

Why door-to-door

At Fluent, we are often asked why we sell our products and services using a door to door format. This is a reasonable question and the answer is that this formula has been successful for us for many years because it enables us to meet directly with our customers in the relaxed environment of their homes or businesses. In this context, our sales professionals are able to perform a comprehensive needs assessment for our customers after evaluating their areas of vulnerability for their security and how our home automation products and services may be maximized and customized for their individual situations.

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We Aim to Please

At Fluent, it is our exclusive objective to customize our products and services to meet the needs of our valued customers. As an organization, we recognize that the needs of our customers vary extensively and, as such, we need to create solutions in the areas of security and home automation that will be responsive to the concerns of our individual customers. This entails an unwavering commitment to staying current with cutting edge technology while maximizing efficiency to keep costs reduced for our customers. We seek to present our products and services through courteous and knowledgeable sales staff and to furnish exceptional customer service throughout the customers’ relationship.