[:en]Despite the stereotype of a burglar breaking and entering into a home, a large number of burglaries are actually classified as “unlawful entry” where an unauthorized person enters through an open window or door. Find out how to never be a victim with smart home security

Burglaries are a rarity in Canada, but they do happen. Moreover, a large portion are actually unlawful entries resulting from rushed homeowners neglecting to completely secure the home before leaving.

If you have children, the importance of securing the home increases but the difficulty in doing so does as well. Until now, it has been impossible to control who leaves a door open or remembers to close a window.

With smart home technology, you can help prevent unlawful entry and protect what matters to you most.

Why are unlawful entries so common in Canada?

Despite our relatively low rate of violent crime, Canadian crime statistics indicate that there are still issues with property crime and theft.

Double-checking each door and window is time-consuming, so it’s easy to forget in a rush. Other times, it’s because you’ve come home late and gone straight to bed without even thinking about what your children might have got up to that day. Basement doors, bedroom windows, and other out-of-site portals rarely cross anyone’s mind.

Add to it that unlawful entries don’t take the same criminal commitment as breaking and entering, and it’s easy to see how the opportunity arises.

Gain peace of mind with smart home technology

Before modern technology, it was up to the homeowner to secure their premises by double-checking each door, asking the children if they had locked up, or keeping track of who was coming in and out. Now, your home talks to you. When your devices are interconnected and accessible through convenient applications, you can be aware of everything at all times. Take for example:

Instant Alerts: When someone has gained access to your home, you’ll be notified. If it’s unauthorized, the alarm will be sounded. You’ll put a stop to theft before it starts.

Helpful Reminders: Even if you do forget to lock up, your home will let you know you’ve left it vulnerable!

Lock-Up in an Instant: Locking up has never been easier than with a one-touch application. Put the locks into one system and press the button. Think of it like the “lock” button in a car that locks every door instantly. It’s possible to create a system where you doors, garage, and windows are all controlled by one button. Press it as soon as you leave for work in the morning and you don’t need to worry the rest of the day.

How can I learn more about preventing unlawful entry?

Fluent Home Edmonton provides smart security technology that makes securing and monitoring your home at all times simple and convenient. When your home is at your fingertips, nothing unauthorized can get through. If you want to learn more, then get in contact with our Edmonton security team today.[:]