[:en]Summer is the perfect time to transform your backyard from something ordinary into a beautiful oasis. By creating a relaxing oasis outside you will provide your family with extra living and entertaining space, and set the scene for a summer full of barbecues and fun times around the fire pit.

Invest in Quality Outdoor Furniture  

If your outdoor furniture is uncomfortable or unattractive, your outdoor living space won’t get nearly as much use or enjoyment. Look for outdoor chairs, loungers, or sofas that have comfortable cushioning and that complement your home’s style and decor. Buying decent outdoor furniture doesn’t have to break the bank. Once you have a good idea of what you’re looking for, you can get good deals by scoping out yard sales or Craigslist, since people often sell like-new patio furniture when they move.

Add a Variety of Light Sources

Good outdoor lighting will make it much easier to enjoy your outdoor oasis after dark, and will give your home security a boost at the same time. Strings of party or cafe-style lights will make your backyard feel festive. Pathway lighting helps your family and friends safely get from the house to the patio and backyard. For extra lighting and ambience, consider tiki torches, flameless candles, and decorative lanterns.

Put Thought into Accessories

The little details make a big difference in the feel and look of your backyard oasis. Throw pillows in fun colors, soft blankets, potted flowers and plants, and a cool outdoor rug will turn your back patio into a place your family won’t want to leave and that you’ll be proud to show off.

Add a Fire Pit

Having a fire pit as a focal point for your outdoor oasis adds beauty to your space, while also providing warmth and light on chilly nights. Fire pits come in a variety of styles, and if you’re handy you can even make your own. Being able to make s’mores and sip hot chocolate or wine around the fire pit will make your summer magical.

Make Sure There’s Shade

Don’t overlook the importance of shade when designing your outdoor oasis. This will ensure everyone stays comfortable and avoids getting sunburned on hot days, and will also allow you the option of reading or even working on your laptop without too much sunglare. Options for shade include patio table umbrellas, gazebos or pergolas, or even having a covered deck built.

Don’t Forget Storage

When scoping out new outdoor furniture, look for pieces that do double duty as storage. For example, you might buy a rattan ottoman that has built-in storage inside. This way you have a place to neatly stash items like bug spray, sunscreen, and extra blankets and you won’t have to run inside every time you need something.

Add Some Games

Be sure to stock up on a few fun games to make your family’s time in your outdoor space even more fun, and to liven up any get-togethers you throw this summer. Lawn games like bocce ball, croquet, or badminton are great if you have the space. Even just having a couple of simple card or board games stored outside can lead to fun family bonding.

Creating a relaxing outdoor oasis at home will enhance your lifestyle and help make this a very memorable summer.[:]