[:en]The safety and added convenience of fully equipping your home with smart products and connecting devices to the cloud for monitoring and control are the driving factors behind the growing trend toward smart home automation in Alberta and the rest of Canada. Another, and equally important, benefit of making your home more intelligent are the savings on energy costs each month. According to Statistics Canada, the average household in Alberta spends more than $5,000 on home operations each year, a good deal of that going to energy and other utilities.

Switching to energy-efficient products controlled by automated systems could save you 1/3rd on your bills (as well as make life way easier!). Here are a few ways that it’s done:

Heating and cooling savings

The bill that you open each month for your heating or cooling costs is a lot heavier than the paper it’s printed on; in fact, nearly half of a home’s utility expenditure comes from controlling the temperature inside. There are plenty of simple tips for lowering your bills, but it can get a bit difficult to think about your wallet during the cold Alberta winter. There are still ways to save, though, if you’re smart about it:

● Programmable thermostat – with a programmable thermostat, you can set your home to different temperatures even when you aren’t there. No more walking into a freezing cold home when you get back from work, and no having to heat the place all day just to keep it warm. Rushing home and want the place toasty? Just log into our app and get that furnace kicking!

Pro tip: keeping your bills low goes well beyond smart home technology. Think of the little things too. Your home insulation, choice of model furnace or AC, and even windows and doors go a long way in saving energy. You can save up to 50% on energy costs just by upgrading your home’s HVAC system and maintaining it well.

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Save on your lights!

Lights can account for as much as 25% of your utility bills, and all of the little tips and tricks you learned growing up can only go so far. Turning lights out when leaving the room, unplugging things when not in use, and limiting time in front of the TV (or laptop these days), won’t go nearly as far as saving “the smart” way. With smart home technology from Fluent Home, you will have:

● Automatic timers – tell your outside lights to turn on at night and shut down during the day or to periodically turn things on when you’re away on holiday.
● Motion sensors – forget to turn a light off? No problem. Motion sensors alone can help cut bills in half. They work best in hallways, garages, and bedrooms.
● Dimmers – of all of history’s great light bulb moments, the dimmer is one of the best (literally). Lighting is rarely black or white. You normally don’t need a light at its fullest power. With Fluent Home’s tech, you can always have lights to match the occasion.

Water savings

Fresh water is another major expense for the home. Washing the dishes, taking a shower, pumping the pool, and watering the plants all add up quickly. Without water, life spins out of control. Still, there are smart ways to control it.

● Leak sensors – smart leak sensors will alert you as soon as a leak has sprung. Think they don’t matter? Leaks can damage your home and waste up to 3,000 gallons of water a year!
● Auto-irrigation – schedule your irrigation system to work at regular intervals and only use the amount you need.

Making your home smarter will keep your family safer, make your life easier, and save you money. These smart home automation products will help cut hundreds of dollars off of your expenses each year if you use them right. Automating your home’s daily functions and controlling them all from one device is what’s making the smart home the home of the future.