[:en]If you’re one of those homeowners who is constantly worrying about whether you remembered to lock the doors, then you know the drawbacks that come with traditional locks. Locks are vital to your home’s security, we often find ourselves checking and rechecking each one just to be sure. Having to worry about the safety of your home can add a lot of unnecessary stress to your day.

For homeowners who want locks that can be controlled from their smartphone locked or unlocked at anytime of day, and are constantly monitored for extra security and peace of mind, then it’s time your locks got smart!

What are Smart Locks?

The classic deadbolt lock gets the job done: it keeps out intruders and allows us to sleep well at night. But what if your locks could go the extra mile? What if your locks weren’t limited to a simple key or turn of a lever?

Smart locks are appealing to everyone from homeowners in high-crime areas to guesthouse owners and people who are away on businesses on a regular basis. If you’re looking for added security and convenience, then it’s time to upgrade.

●Take Your Locks Everywhere: Smart locks are controlled directly from your smartphone. As long as you are wi-fi enabled or on data, you can see the status of your locks and control them at the tap of your screen.
●Connected Locks: When we say a device is “smart” that means that it is powered by electricity and wi-fi enabled. Basically, it means that the device can be connected to a network that you have private access to.

3 Benefits of Smart Locks: No Keys and No Worries!

Connecting your locks to the IoT (Internet of Things) comes with some big-time benefits.

●No More Keys: Are you constantly misplacing your house keys? Who isn’t? Go smart and eliminate the need for keys altogether.
●24/7 Control: Never worry about whether or not the back door is locked or who is gaining entry to your home throughout the day. When your locks are controlled via an app, you are always in control.
●Tightened Security: When your locks are part of a smart security network, you can visually verify who is at the door, control the locks to let visitors in and out, and never be the victim of a break-in due to an open door.

Are you still wasting time with analog locks? Then maybe it’s time you considered smart locks for your home. The added security and convenience are making them one of the most popular parts of smart home security packages in Edmonton!