[:en]It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Sadly, it’s also one of the most profitable times of the year for thieves. Expensive gifts, empty homes, and busy schedules make Christmas one of the most risky seasons for burglaries. Here are some smart home security tips to help make sure you don’t have a blue Christmas.

It’s sad, but according to law enforcement, burglaries increase by nearly 20% in December. It makes sense, though—families away on vacation leaving behind homes full of presents. Not to mention everyone will be in good spirits, letting their guards down and not taking any precautionary measures.

Not you, though.

Basic Christmas Security Tips

A few ways to prevent the worst from happening or at least minimizing the damage if it does are:

●Not telling the world about your location: Posting on social media constantly is the equivalent of tweeting something and writing “#PleaseRobOurEmptyHome”. Posting a steady stream of photos, dates of your whereabouts, and other clues are an invitation to unscrupulous friends on social media.
●Writing down serial numbers: If you’ve bought or received expensive electronics for Christmas, keep track of the serial numbers to help identify them if they are located by authorities. You can also mark your electronics with a code to help authorities identify the owner.
●Not advertising your presents: Sure, the gift your husband put under the tree was beyond perfect, but that doesn’t mean you should show your hoards of friends online pictures of the gift. Expensive jewelry, electronics, or home luxuries are what attract thieves the most.
●Leaving the Lights on: This is a basic tip, but keeping at least a few lights on while you are away, either on vacation or just out during the day, is a major deterrent.

Smart Home Safety Tips

Smart home technology increases your holiday safety exponentially. Here are a few ways Fluent Home Edmonton can keep your Christmas white instead of blue:

●Windows with Sensors: Secure windows are a good start. Make sure yours are always locked. But beyond that, placing sensors so you can be automatically alerted when one is tripped is an extra precaution that will keep your home safe. If anyone tries to break in, the sensors will alert you and trigger an alarm.
●Smart Lights: Some burglars won’t be deterred just because you are home. Homeowners that hear strange or suspicious noises outside their homes can flood the area with lights and scare away would-be thieves (or pesky animals).
●Smart Locks: With the bevy of deliveries coming during the holiday season and heavy foot traffic, keeping doors locked at all times can be difficult. Smart locks will let you lock and unlock doors right from your device, and keep an eye on things when you are away.
●Video: Video surveillance lets you track exactly what is happening, and know every detail of who came in and took what. Also, it’s a great way to catch kids coming home late from nights out with their friends.

There are few things as beautiful as an Edmonton Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a few precautions. Smart home security can help keep Christmas fun and festive. If you’re interested in keeping your home secure during the holiday season and beyond, visit Fluent Home Edmonton on the web today and find out how you can get up to $1500 in free equipment![:]