[:en]As technology advances, homes throughout the Edmonton Area are being equipped with gadgets that bring homeowners unprecedented levels of convenience, security, and control over the function of appliances, fixtures, lights, and more. Digital technology, the Internet of Things, and smartphones have made it more convenient than ever before to connect devices together and control them from your phone at the push of a button.

This technology allows you to seamlessly control your energy consumption, increase your security, provide monitoring in case of emergency, and conveniently control your home to make life easier.

But how does it work?

In this guide, we will cover how smart home technology works, its benefits, and a few examples of the actual technology that will be installed in your home when you partner with us!

What is a smart home?

Widespread internet connection, affordable gadgets, and advanced communication technology have finally made the future into the present. What once was the dream of science fiction and television is now a reality. You can have a home that adjusts to you and can be controlled at the press of a button.

A smart home is a house in which electronic devices are connected together into one network allowing for simple and convenient control. Examples of devices that can be connected are your:

  • Appliances
  • HVAC System
  • Lights
  • Garage Door
  • Locks

And much more. Now you can turn your AC on when you aren’t home, check to make sure your doors are locked while on vacation, and monitor what’s happening in your backyard 24/7 right from your smartphone.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

It is all made possible by “the Internet of Things”.

The IoT is made possible by the explosion in mobile devices and is a network of electronic devices connected to the internet. Any electronic device with an On/Off switch can be connected to the internet, and your home can become your private network when multiple devices are connected together and controlled via an application on your phone.

How do homeowners benefit from the IoT?

Innovation has created trends that are changing the way people live. The IoT has given homeowners unprecedented control over their homes and insight into how their systems function. The benefits of the IoT are most evident in three main categories:

  • Security: Everything from the locks on your doors to the smoke alarms in your bedrooms can now be connected to the internet and controlled from your phone. Fluent Home Edmonton can even provide 24/7 monitoring for added security.
  • Energy: Your HVAC system can now be controlled at the push of a button. You’ll never come home to a cold house again. The best part is being able to see how much energy you’re using (or your kids are using while you’re away!).
  • Convenience: Being able to control your home’s systems from your phone provides for maximum convenience. You can manage or monitor your home from anywhere.

Smart home technology driven by the IoT is changing how homeowners across Edmonton live. Increased levels of security, energy savings, and convenience are driving people across the world to invest in this exciting new technology. If energy savings, increased security, and added convenience sound like something you’d be interested in, contact Fluent Home Edmonton today.[:]