[:en]How To Prepare For A Medical Emergency

You can’t anticipate when an accident or negative situation will happen in your life. Sometime things happen so quickly we don’t have a chance to react. Life can move quickly and that’s why it’s important to always be prepared for an emergency.

Emergencies can happen to anyone and they come in all shapes and sizes. At Fluent Home we help prepare families for security, fire and medical emergencies. Using technology is a great way to both prevent emergencies and make them easier to deal with.

Today we wanted to offer some tips on how to prepare a medical emergency.

1. Stay Calm

It’s important to remember that no matter what happens, you need to keep a level head. Many bad decisions are made when people are under pressure and stressed. If a medical emergency happens to you or someone around you remember to stay calm and focused so you can take the steps needed to solve the situation.

2. Emergency Contacts List

Make sure you keep a list in your phone and at home of people to contact in case of an emergency. This would include your doctors, spouse, and close friends or family members who can help.

3. Medical Kit

You need to have a well put-together first aid kit in case of emergencies. Your kit should include band-aids, bandages, disinfectant, tape, thermometer, cold/hot packs, pain medication, allergy medication and any other item specific to your health needs.

4. Plan Ahead

Wherever you are make sure you know where to go in case of an emergency (like a fire) and how to contact. If you’re leaving the country, be aware of regional health risks and plan ahead. Another way to plan ahead for members of your family with greater medical needs is the Fluent Life Beacon. This allows them to contact emergency responders instantly, in any situation.

They say an ounce of prevention goes a long way and we agree. Whether it’s taking the time to prepare and plan for a medical emergency or taking preventive measures to protect your home, Fluent has you covered.[:]