[:en]Edmonton is already well known for its impeccable natural beauty, thriving arts and festival scene, and burgeoning business potential, but now it’s starting to make its mark across Canada for something you might not expect: food.

“The Big E” is, in fact, one of the rising centres of culinary culture up here, and is starting to rival larger cities around the country.

A few major bloggers have even said that it has turned the proverbial corner and is starting to see a major small-eatery and craft cuisine explosion.

Are you a couple looking to get out for the weekend and find a romantic date? Are you just travelling through and only have one weekend in the city?

Here’s where to eat!

Tres Carnales Taqueria

Type: Mexican

Price Range: $-$$

It’s hard to go wrong with a plate of delicious Mexican food for a little over $10. Tres Carnes is growing in popularity across the city with its mix of traditional Mexican cuisine and modern takes on cherished classics. If you’re looking for mouthwatering tortas or tacos, you’re in the right place. It’s hard to say no to a chorizo quesadilla.

Go there, unwind, and enjoy life in the moment.

Bar Bricco

Type: Italian

Price Range: $$$

Steeped in romance and complete with a menu that even the most die-hard Italophiles couldn’t find fault with, Bar Bricco makes you an offer you can’t refuse: delicious plates of salumi and aged bottles of wine.

It’s not really a dinner place per-se, but it’s a great place to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine, savour appetizers or tasting plates, and talk about the day’s business. The best part is at the end, though—the Tuscan chocolate truffles.

Best for a light snack and couples looking for a night of romance.

Bistro Praha

Type: Czech/Central European

Price Range: $-$$

Nowhere dazzles the eyes and senses like the Czech capital city of Prague, but Bistro Praha comes close enough. Founded by a Czech immigrant, this eatery is home to some hearty European favourites and delicious Bohemian beers. They claim to have the best schnitzel in town, but there are plenty other very affordable snacks to be had. Looking for goulash and dumplings? Look no further.

Once you’re done feasting, you can wash it down with some traditional Becherovka!

Na Zdravi!

Edmonton is home to a diverse and burgeoning culinary scene. Nowhere exemplifies this more than than these three completely different but totally delicious eateries. Only have one weekend in the city? Try at least these places for a real sample of what this town has to offer!

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