Fluent Home Partners With Sunrun



At Fluent, we speak all the languages of the home. This means we are experts when it comes to make your home safer, more convenient and more efficient.

To build on our vision of a connected, secure and renewable home, we are taking the first step into offering solar panels and energy solutions to our customers. Offering solar energy to our customers is the next bright step in our mission to create a home of the future.

Since 2010 we’ve seen tremendous growth and we’ve become the largest home security provider in Canada. We want to continue to grow. To enable our customers to live happier and safer lives. We want to bring the latest and best technology to the doors of all our customers.

We’ve seen incredible growth and progression in the solar industry in just a few short years and we wanted to bring the new benefits of solar to all our customer’s homes.

We’ve partnered with Sunrun a leading provider and established name in the solar energy industry. Partnering with Sunrun and creating “Fluent Solar” was a way to bring our natural expertise in the home with the reputation of Sunrun’s products to consumers across North America.

We are excited to introduce the Fluent approach to solar energy. Our focus has alway been on creating an amazing and personal customer service experience with people in their homes. Together with Sunrun’s amazing solar products, we can create a home that’s not only better for the environment but also better for the family.

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