Fluent Home Expands Presence in the U.S.


Today we are excited to announce a significant milestone in the growth of our company. Fluent Home is one of the largest providers of home security and home automation systems in Canada. We have also had a significant presence in the U.S. This coming summer season we will be expanding our footprint in the U.S. by bringing in new sales teams, opening new recruiting offices and administrative offices in Utah.

Previously known as Styke Alarm in the U.S. and Titan Alarm in Canada, Fluent Home has held customer service and protecting families as our main goal and priority. This mission of saving lives and providing friendly service will continue in as we open several new sales offices in over 12 states and a new recruiting and sales office based in Provo, Utah.

Together with its already established recruiting offices in Canada, the Fluent Utah office will become an integral part of sales and customer service recruiting for the company.

“We are excited about this new step in our company’s growth.” said Shawn Koncurat, CFO of Fluent Home “We have had amazing success in Canada and we wanted to take the same growth and same focus on families into larger markets in the U.S.”

This expansion and growth is made possible by bringing together some of the security industries top sales and service talent. These new teams have years of experience and coupled with the solid foundation of our current employees, is a solid step to great growth in the United States.

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