Fluent Home Announces Expansion Into Commercial & Business Security

fluent solution

Fluent Home, a top provider of home security and home automation in Canada, is extending its service and products to more business owners across North America. Fluent has seen rapid growth over the past 4 years and now looks to help make security easy and affordable for businesses as well as residential customers.

Fluent has offered business-ready security products for many years. These products have included state-of-the-art wireless security cameras and 24/7 monitoring. There new products and services will be further customized and higher-grade to meet business owner’s unique circumstances and needs. Fluent has been working with many vendors and their own internal development team to create a range of custom solutions and services that can meet the demands of any business.

To begin offering the commercial level security products to a wide range of business owners, Fluent Home has created a new commercial division of the company called Fluent Solution. Fluent Solution is made up of a team of security experts that can consult on-site for a system that fits each business’s needs. Trevor Chapman, VP of Fluent Solution says, “Our highly-trained representatives can visit any location and give an on-site assessment for a system that is custom built for maximum security and optimal efficiency.”

The expanded product line from Fluent Solution will include following business security system products; Live Video Surveillance, Fire Detection & 24/7 Monitoring, Property Access Control, and GPS Tracking. Each of these solutions comes with unique technology that will create a safer, more secure and efficient work environment. All of these products are coupled with cloud technology that lets you backup your data and access it from anywhere in the world via a mobile device.

These products function and can be implemented into nearly any industry standard or requirement including, Construction, Government, Commercial, Education, Small Business, Mining and Manufacturing.

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