[:en]81% of the adult population has a social media presence. That’s no surprise, either. Catching up with old friends, keeping up to date with what everyone is up to, and, of course, taking in as much of your favourite media as possible—it’s all right at your fingertips.

That doesn’t mean it’s all fun and games though. With one study showing that 80% of burglars checked Facebook or Twitter prior to committing a burglary, it’s important that you know how to make sure your home is safe on social media.

Here are three quick tips to keep you safe and secure.

Never post detailed travel plans

Are you a young backpacker about to head out and see the world for the first time? How about a young couple taking your first vacation? It’s probably fine to go ahead and tell everyone where you are going and when.

But if you’re a family whose home is well known to people in the neighbourhood, it’s best not to post detailed travel plans. Calling extra attention to an empty home is never a good idea. Even with all of the smart security technology available to you, your home will still be a target. If a burglar knows you are away, they will have a license to steal.

Teach your children the importance of security

Children who’ve grown up with the web may not understand how important privacy is. You must instill in them values of maintaining at least some privacy. Teach them to not share personal information or details, to not divulge travel plans to everyone and their friends, and not to invite strangers over to the home. The last thing you need is your home being an open club for people you don’t know.

Turn off location services

Social media might seem like a platform to connect with friends and family (and show off cool pics of the awesome stuff you did over the weekend), but in reality it is a business tool. Location services are used to find out where you are and why so that businesses can show you advertisements. When you post pictures, people might be able to see where you are. If they see your whole family in a picture from a tropical paradise and the location beacon says “Puerto Rico”, you’ve now broadcasted to hundreds of people the fact that nobody is at home. That’s exactly how thieves make their living.

Social media is a modern wonder that connects people and businesses across the globe, but there are plenty of downsides. It’s the perfect tool for thieves to use to gain information about your home. If you want to make sure your home is safe, then use these 3 social media safety tips and be sure to install smart home security technology in your Edmonton residence.